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  1. Thats cause theres peas and peas
  2. In the 60s those were sold as a cork alternative to rod builders. A fair number of tackle shops offered them. They weren't very popular as they had to match the rods o.d. very closely. 99% Shakespeare wonderrod blank, still have two 10' rods 1 white 1 gray.... one of my sons is fishing them now. Also have f/w wonderrods in light and dark green.
  3. Custom on a Shakespeare Wonderod blank or stripped and rebuilt wonderod.
  4. Yorick
  5. should ease the pressure on our fish stocks
  6. Do a google search for "slip joint pliers cork grip removal" never tried it on fly rods but on boat and surf rods it works like magic.
  7. why not drink & drugs best of both
  8. High Voltage High Frequency
  9. ford model t ignition coil possible boxed for jacobs ladder or other hv hf experiments popular in the mid 50s to early 60s
  10. Amazon less than 17.00 a thousand delivered . Sturdier than the grocery store bags ... same size.