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    Freshwater, saltwater, inshore, fly, and ultralight fishing, stream and rivers.
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    Topwater fishing for Stripers and Blues.

    Rod building
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    Spectrum Engineer
  1. Nothing wrong with the bait. I use Owner Twist-lock Center Pin Spring (CPS) hooks and have not had any problems flipping and pitching with them in heavy spatterdock. Really holds the bait on... Sandcrab
  2. Try Owner TwistLOCK™ Centering-Pin Spring hooks. They hold really well. I use them for just about all plastics less the stuff I fish in the Slop (straight shank hook for that) Sandcrab
  3. Hit local DE pond at sunrise on Saturday. Pitched plastics into the spatterdock for three hours. Ended up with 3 bass - largest around 3 lbs. Lure of choice was Berkley Havoc Pit Boss in crayfish color. 50# braid was definitely needed as most fish would not come out without a fight. Sandcrab
  4. I have two Shimano Curado 300EJ reels I use for pike and musky. Sandcrab
  5. Bump ABU 6500 CS Mag reel still available - Reduced to $100 plus shipping. Info below. ABU 6500 CS Mag missing drag setting decal Excellent condition $100 + shipping No Paypal Original owner Sandcrab http://i1283.photobu...zpsdrurv7xj.jpg http://i1283.photobu...zpsnzatnkv1.jpg http://i1283.photobu...zpsyibegdqw.jpg http://i1283.photobu...zpsgbkavaqp.jpg http://i1283.photobu...zpsvcfpzpzb.jpg
  6. Sorry - This thread was a result of breaking up the set of reels I listed previously. Sandcrab
  7. ABU 6500 CS Mag Elite - Pending payment from Jetty 42 once shipping costs are finalized. ABU 6500 CS Mag still available Sandcrab
  8. ABU 6500 CS Mag Elite Mint condition Never used in salt water $130 + shipping No Paypal ABU 6500 CS Mag missing drag setting decal Excellent condition $120 + shipping No Paypal Original owner Sandcrab
  9. Close thread - Relisting as separate items. Sandcrab
  10. Sold Please close thread. Sandcrab
  11. Tranx is not exactly a low profile reel - and cost a lot lot more... Pike and muskie fisherman love the 300E's... Got two 300EJ's at home sitting around waiting for a good pike/muskie rod... Won't get rid of them yet (boca bearings, new handles, carbontex drag washers,and spare spools)... Sandcrab
  12. I noticed that they are on sale everywhere and Shimano USA does not list them anymore. Sandcrab
  13. Raider73 just advised that he would send out payment by the end of the week. If he changes his mind, I would take the $50 BPS gift card and a $75 money order or bank tellers check. Sandcrab
  14. Raider73, Are you still interested? I have not received anything from you in the mail. If you are not interested, the reel will go back on the market. Thanks Sandcrab