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  1. Couple questions is it open construction or closed did u soak entire body in spar Sounds like water got in plug created it to expand once wood gets moisture in it everything eventually will peel off
  2. For my bag in the spring!
  3. 4 pieces of lead distributed one piece in front of wire three others behind
  4. Thanks gaston fish huge compliment your lures are superb to say the least also.
  5. Slow sinkers or floaters on fast retrieve. Thanks for the kudos guys means a lot!!!
  6. Needles dressed weighed in at 1 3/4 to 2oz and are 7" in length. Let me know what you guys think of the colors......
  7. Very nice Ed I'm sure the fish will be all over those bad boys
  8. Nice Ed the first one has a cow written all over it
  9. Funny u say that thats my favorite. Perfect size and great color Thanks for the kudos!!!
  10. Thanks guys. Ive been experimenting now for the past 3 years and have finally come up with winners. I'm very pleased how they came out. Sinking rate the way they sink and cast r some things to name a few. That should always b top notch in my book. Performance is everything!!!!