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  1. Bucks county pa
  2. Price drop $1900
  3. 2016 Hobie outback for sale. Super clean drive always washed an lubricated after each use in salt. Only been in the salt 2 times rest freshwater. Comes with paddle seat v2 st fins drive. (No lowrance that is in picture) asking $2200. Very lighty used an clean.
  4. Trade ya some plugs an cash for the rods. Or bucktails as well. Lmk
  5. Have a thread of a 10' Ron arra surf pro 1205-2 1-5oz looking to trade for rods/ reels
  6. WTT 10' Ron arra surf pro for any st criox/lamiglas boat rod or spinning let me kno what ya have ! Thanks
  7. Eric s what's the price u were thinking ? An where u located ? Thanksm
  8. Little fish would u trade for one them Stradics u posted in the other thread? The 4000?
  9. edited-we don't allow hijacking here. Its in the rules.
  10. Where are u located ?
  11. No one needs some new plugs? Best offer lot
  12. Ok gonna let it go couple more days