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  1. i heard it was alot better bad in the days without those concrete shape things
  2. cool figured i wouldn't get any real responses the population has really depleted not many spots too catch them. figured i would just ask tho ill just fish the regular spots for them c ya
  3. i had the same dilemma then i figure the price for the stocking foot and the boots i would need would roughly round to the same as if i bought boot foot so i just looked around for a while for the size 14 an got them lol felt bottom 100$ saw stocking foots smaller sizes around 40$ but need wading boots for them then around 40$ soo which ever u choose hope it helped good luck
  4. got a tidemaster great rod just got a loomis mag med amzing rod perfect for stripers
  5. where are u located??
  6. love useing light tackle reel fun nice pics
  7. nice video where are u stocking at? those palaminos are sweet i had a nice opening day up the yellow breches
  8. those blue fox rainbows are killers
  9. yea got power pro on mine
  10. great video i need to get a camera lol
  11. damn nice one
  12. yep ande is the stuff easy knots
  13. anybody know any secret trout baits they want to share? some guys last year were killing them on a powerbait/shrimp catfood mix thanks
  14. sweet yeah iv'e been trout fishing for a while just wondering if anyone found any secret baits they would want to share thanks guys good luck this season
  15. 20 plus ahaha
  16. wow great clip
  17. ill take it thanks again
  18. damn sry bout that in that case is their any way you could do 230$ 240$ can't go much higher need to get the reel within budget if not i understand ill try for a reg greenwater thanks mike
  19. heard strom shad round structures
  20. hey chunk the 1 G Loomis Greenwater GLX's GWR 901S 7'6" Mag-Med Ex Fast Action 10-20lb test 1/4-1&1/4oz Spinning!! i could do 190$???? picked up will be driving from bucks county. could drive down asap! saw these same rods listed for 225 other places on the internet. cabelas has them for $245 but would rather give my money to a fellow fishmen. thanks
  21. i could do 70 shipped for lot # 7 all i got for 2 weeks if so ill take emm thanks
  22. damn thats gotta be one feeling that you never want to have again but now u will always double check everything glad u got the rods back good luck this season
  23. yea got the f-150 laritat 4x4 great truck also was looking at dodge before i bought as well tough decision i picked ford
  24. nice pics??? bucktail is great on them
  25. i am trying devcon on my jigs an teasers now for the heads just wondering if the devcon with turn yellowish after a while?? should i topcoat with etex or other top coat? did a couple searchs did'nt find as well of a aswer so figured i would just ask. thanks