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  1. looking for a new drytop dont want the rain getting in anymore. whats a good brand that has big sizes an is around 100-120$ 2XLT or 3XL thanks guys
  2. just watch the you tube videos an practice alot thats what i did now i can throw a perfect circle 10ft net " target="_blank"> good luck
  3. if no one buys the lot i will take the pink sluggo an eel color slugos
  4. over yea right just getting started i caught striper all last summer
  5. holy that things a giant u never kno when they are hungry. pretty cool that their are some giants like that swimming around down their must be an old gal
  6. yea i have tons on jig s *** sizes
  7. how do u tie the rig? swivel to leader the dropper for the teaser an the fluke ball tie to the end ? might have to give these a try now usually i just tie the bucktails teasers where the 2oz or 3oz bucktail is on the top dropper an the single hook with squid in 18in below. this fluke ball sounds good tho
  8. great video lots like everybody with a dock should have sum kind of light near the end always hear good things with bait then the feeders arrive nice
  9. where do u purchase them big 1lb jars of powder paint?? thanks
  10. here are 2 videos of me throwing the cast net. ready to catch some live bunker now!! R2fSpiPXLuA bmP-05j30q4
  11. looking for sum krockidiles in 3oz an up would like a 6oz or 7oz if possible thanks mike
  12. yea i throw the teeth method after about the first throw unless i just am shirt less or have the grundens on. i will put some more vids up when i find the bunker hopefully this weekend. thanks for watchin
  13. throw metals an soft plastics on jig heads u should catch sumthing. good luck
  14. snag one reel it in then cut the top park or bottom park of its tails so it looks injured an throw it back out their an let it drop slow the stripers will keen in on this. read this in saltwater angler should work also try cutting sum other fins off so it sticks out in the pod you kno *** i mean good luck
  15. was looking at sum head cameras with night vision to tape sum surf outings. just wondering if anyone has any suggestions of brands or nice quality cameras that are waterproof an have night vision? found one for 290$ just want sum input before i get one. thanks guys
  16. sweet PICS lots of bait their
  17. looking for bioedge sandworm was wondering who carrys it. cabelas does'nt have it.
  18. thanks found it
  19. looking for some lead to melt into jigs anyone know where to find some thanks
  20. thanks gonna give them all a try. can never have enough lead will be posting trades as soon as i get a bunch made up thanks. hey boseafish sent u a pm
  21. i use an egg sinker on the main line with a bead above an below the weight than swivel to a 12-18" leader 40lb fluro so it does'nt tangle easy an cast it out. same setup i use from boat egg weight may vary good luck
  22. ill take it thanks sol an bassackwards
  23. nice thanks gonna give it a shot
  24. 120$ could meet u friday infront of boatersworld at franklin mills at 4:30
  25. yea herring works great anything with oils coming off