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  1. yea just switched to the gami 3/0 bait holder super sharp had sum trouble finding a good trailer lost some decent fish without them. gami baitholder great choice
  2. 225$ for the lures ill take em
  3. pm sent bout lures
  4. looking to trade my 10 ft cast net for a 8 ft cast net buying another 10ft soon so thought i would trade for an 8 for the surf. thanks
  5. anyone know of a good place to find some squid skirts for making fluke rigs? thanks
  6. looking for a good bucktail binder any suggestions thanks
  7. yea i got the 7'6" mag medium glx all i can say is amazing rod worth every penny can feel everything an handles big fish with ease
  8. saw a brand new one some where else for $750 with rod 2 for 1400$
  9. alright sounds good ill take it send me the info pm thanks mike
  10. sounds good 90$ ill take it gonna be in wildwood tomorrow after work till sat so whenever is good for u to meet. tonight / tomorrow before 3 ? sat? let me kno mike thanks
  11. how bout 80$ picked up live in bucks county bout hr away
  12. will offer $120 shipped paypal where are u located?
  13. been using devcon 5 min for finishing my bucktails after i fished them 2 days the devcon coat turned yellow. was mixed perfect dunno what to do wanna get sumthing just as strong but will stay clear any suggestions thanks guys
  14. hows the motor i would love to make u an offer need one for our jon boat only thing holding us up now can't find any motors out their. willing to sell the motor? plz
  15. tap dancer rig deadly with fluke belly or blue fish meat trailer
  16. the pro blues are sweet rods would deff be a deadly combo
  17. nice thanks for the responses gonna try all the recommendations an let u kno what works best just can't stand that yellow look anymore on a nice looking bucktail
  18. alright thanks for the chance man nice reel
  19. in swift currents sometimes u want to use a shad type head like the shad dart or ball or bullet nose always worked fine for me lighter weight means lots of fish on the drop good luck
  20. $180 paypal as soon as u respond plzz
  21. yea go out an head right their are about three wrecks not to far off shore use butails with meat an squid trailers if u catch a searobin use it for bait deadly good luck
  22. ill give ya 175$ shipped need a new reel for striper an fluke bad
  23. go on the " " bay they got spools of 1500yds for like 120$
  24. where to get 1lb containers of powder paint? thanks