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  1. I no vets do that to dogs and cats, did you go to a vet????
  2. Sorry, I went to New Bedford schools that's the best I can do, if it's knot you mean , this is a fishing site. It is aloud
  3. If you don't get the vaccine your wear a mask when your on this site, you will knot be let in
  4. It cost me a lot of money, to get out of that one
  5. Bob g, I made a phone call,, and they said you are going to be in the Ash Street Jail, one of the oldest jails in the country, for impersonating a turkey hunter
  6. Hello my friend, you are right, it happens all the time up there, that's why Bob g doesn't hunt in Ware,
  7. Bware, your friend and mine, Joe g, last week got a new toilet, it's only about 50 years old, so Joe g wants to to offer the toilet to you for $75. he told me that you have an outhouse, and that it would be nice for you to get it before it gets to cold, you have to remember that Joe g is on a fixed income and needs the money, the toilet is like new, and it comes with a roll of toilet paper, and it still has the blue smelly thing in the boil that turns the water blue
  8. Stephen Murphy at New England Baptist look up his bio, he's the number 1 guy to have, the only thing is it takes a while to see him, but any doctor at the Baptist is the top of the food chain
  9. I remember a story about dogs being missing around Bourne when you were camping at BSC, so it was you, you must have had survival training at Camp Casey , because I saw dog bones and a have a heart trap in the back seat of your car, turn your self in to the police, or do you have diplomatic immunity
  10. He does have an outhouse, his toilet s**t the bed
  11. You can grow, but you can't burn
  12. Your right again Joe g, 3 blocks from my house was a Chinese restaurant when I grew up, every weekend we got takeout
  13. Yes we had a spaghetti tree in the back yard
  14. It's not in the ocean, but I eat spaghetti with cold ketchup on top, since the 50s
  15. B-ware let me be the first and only person to wish you a happy Thanksgiving, now I know times are tuff so maybe Bob g can give you a turkey he got hunting that would be very nice of him, if he does not I think Joe g will take you to a restaurant in Boston called the Pine Street Inn, Joe g goes there all the time, so it must be good...