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  1. He never leaves Boston without her
  2. This morning Joe g was in the railroad parking lot, myself and others were amazed that Joe g was driving in, he said hi to everyone, then b-ware came by, b-ware got out of his car and went over to Joe g,, and it was like b-ware meeting the pope, I thought b-ware was going to kiss Joe g's ring, b-ware asked Joe g if he needed a ride anywhere, Joe said next time,
  3. Bob call Mahoneys greenhouse in Falmouth
  4. B-ware why don't you just pickup Joe g when he comes down by train, and let him stay in your extra bed for a couple of weeks untill the hotel is open, I hear he makes a good breakfast
  5. Bob g, I've been changing oil every 12,000 miles with synthetic oil and never had a problem 10 or 15 years ago there was a story about one of the cars made in Europe, that cars that came to USA were 5000 oil cha but the ones in Europe were 10 000 same oil same engine, if you want to go to a site that talks about oil and oil filters go to bobistheoilguy
  6. Stevie Nicks
  7. Nightfighter good luck, I had my left knee done in 2011 I was 60, had it done at New England Baptist, don't cheat on your pt, the best thing I did was bike and its going to be 8 yrs in July and I never had a problem, and like a lot of other people I can't kneel on that knee
  8. I heard that you buy tickets for the kids in Boston to take the cape flier to play at the playground and now they will be able to play bocce
  9. Bob go on YouTube and it shows you how to wash your clothes in permethrin
  10. It's not a club, it's a tournament
  11. The telephone poles are eather owned by Verizon or the power company in each town or city
  12. And the sign said long hair freaky people need not apply
  13. I don't think so, I have a 1989 t-shirt from Ware, Ma. that says B-ware for dog catcher, it's worth nothing
  14. To all my Yankee's friends, GO YANKEES
  15. That's from someone that ate at Debbie Wong's