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  1. Yes you see it all over , I started to paint rocks, and I leave them on the rail trail I bike on, it keeps my brain working
  2. I grow all .my veggies in 5 gal buckets so you all ways be putting fertilizer in the soil, I have put Tums for calcium, Epson salt for magnesium plus miracle grow, Neptune liquid and tomato fertilizer every 2 weeks a d water every day, when really hot 2 times a day, I go on YouTube to see what other people are doing in containers
  3. Joe g where going to have a duel , but we can't have it in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, there going to have to go to Texas, Texas is the only state that you can have a duel, I think they have to use nerf guns at 20 feet,
  4. Joe g I have 2 questions for you, are you at Maurra Healeys inauguration, and the next question is, will you be in her cabinet, and if you are can you get money for the new canal bridges, and can you get Ware Ma a sewer system
  5. Does he live in Ware
  6. Yes it does, he told me that it , 1 it flushes, and 2 it is a bidet
  7. For Joe g it's indoor plumbing, for b-ware it's outdoor hole in the ground, I wish Joe g could put a link of the sound it makes, I heard it and it's sounds great, but it's not a Ferguson
  8. Good he'll love that
  9. Joe g I've been trying to contact you, did you receive your Christmas gift in the mail, I hope it's on Charles St, that's were I sent it, and did you get a gift from b-ware, he told me he was going to make you something, merry Christmas
  10. I've already had the worldly desires
  11. I haven't seen any a lot of Robin's, but on Wednesday I had a couple hundred red wing blackbirds all over my feeders, I went outside and crashed them until they left
  12. Your knot just a pretty face, do you take money orders, or do we have to go to Walmart to buy them, if you need startup money, try going on shark tank
  13. B-ware nice serving tray and JOY
  14. You keep it, and he's doing it so you can go out and have a meal
  15. TJ's , A Dive Bar in Buzzards Bay at the rotary, if you go there with your lindseys gift card, this month he will take 10% off your meal, that came from wbsm 1420 on fb