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  1. They reported this week that there is a nesting pair on cape cod, the first time in 150 years
  2. I was fishing at the canal at MMA, swimming my way, he got on the little beach, he was very tired, I got a box out of my truck and put him in it, then I brought him to the little pond next to town hall I put him in the water and off he went
  3. Bob g. Joe g is coming out of retirement, I don't think you no this but joe g was a limo driver back in the day, he said that he wants to show the young guns how to drive, and to bware I don't want any refried beans , I don't like beans it has to be hot dogs and fries, now yes this was a hummingbird thread I have 2feeders out and another one will go out today, I have had them for 2 weeks I also have 2 bird houses with blue birds nesting in them
  4. I've been around, had a disk removed in my neck, I'll tell you more when I see you, I've been counseling joe g and bware, it's a lost cause, joe g has been protesting, and he doesn't even work, bware has issues,I think what happened was he was born the doctor drop him on his head, he's never been the same, look at his head when you see him, he has a flat spot , im at the rr bridge on Saturday and Sunday
  5. You charge to much for rent
  6. For the people that do not no who "Q" is, Google "Q" secret society, they will take care of all the trouble down at the cc canal.
  7. Maybe, "Q" should should be in charge of the canal
  8. I just thought of it, EBG lure,
  9. Can't remember the name of a brass lure that is hammard, it's made in Sweden I think and it is stamped with 3 letters (like XYZ), I have one but can't find it , it a great trout lure
  10. And I found out it was me eating the veggies
  11. Angler#1, joe g about 20 years ago said that you were in your 80s that's why I said civil war, and that joe g was in ww1
  12. To see what was eating my veggies
  13. It says red Sox suck
  14. I watch them and Botched
  15. Joe g, did you or angler#1 fight in civil war