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  5. do blugills make good cutbait for catfish or possibly stripers too?
  6. went to my local pond today, with some gulp chicken livers, caught a nice 3 pd channel cat, then an hour later a guy next to me hooks a big fish on a boilie and he thinks its a carp, then a fter a half hour on his little rod (maybe a slight step up from a barbie rod)he pulls the head out and its a huge channel cat, with a gut that looks like he ate a basket ball, was so big they had to put it in a garbage can, cause it would fit in their cooler so they had to put it in an empty grbage can! ( which is kinda gross and i wish they released it, but it was bleedingso it might not of done to good anyway awesome
  7. ? what
  8. i was in one and found another with differnt threads???
  9. hey, sup ( i found the rest of the smlys)
  10. just a test picture, dont worry it was a stockie (love that fall stocking) it was about two pounds
  11. i would want to fish in lyndhurst anyway but nick went out to a spot we havein fairfield, and got a nice pike a few perch and a largemouth on a silver and orange dardevle.
  12. like light mono, like four-six pd test
  13. went to the gorge today, no fish but there was only like five people there (compared to like hundreds) i guess i have hangovers to thank for that also, found a golden stone fly and some yellow flies on the water, about a maybe size 18, and saw some fat smalllies, tht were eating mystery bugs since all of the yellow flys were all clustered on the other side also, what fli could i use to imitate those waterbugs, you know, the ones that just kinda skim along the surface
  14. wow thanks!, my dads said hed call tommorow sorry it took so long, i got grounded