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  1. Thread Closed
  2. Thread closed
  3. Killian AS small pouch is yours
  4. No sorry
  5. 4"H x 7"W x 1.25"D that's the Aquaskinz
  6. Bump TTT
  7. The only bucktail pouch available is the AS one
  8. Thanks for the offer but I prefer a USPO M/O
  9. Sold to starsansstripers....
  10. I can do $55 shipped priority
  11. I've put 3oz in there
  12. Last time I bought them they cost me $20 at a local bait and tackle but that was 2 years ago so I don't don't how prices are now
  13. Price Drop $265 Shipped
  14. PLKM Mak Pouch ypurs PM on the way