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  1. Does this mean you'll be dragging a rope behind the trike from now on ?
  2. This morning the news reported a whale off Plymouth,was that White Horse ?
  3. Lake Ontario Salmon fishing,not really my cup of tea,but enjoy.
  4. I worked a fishing show with Gartside once,he gave me an auto-graphed copy of his book,it is a wealth of fishing knowledge,but,yes,it is getting real hard to find,as Jack passed on some years back.
  5. Or it might be the unholy father from Ware in disguise !
  6. Boston Harbor Striper Blitz,good one,but seems like a repeat. 10 am,Boston Sports Channel.
  7. You do know that a salt water fishing license is required,right ?
  8. I think they are repeating the "Fishing the Cape Cod Canal" episode this morning. Not a bad one,however.
  9. Kype,love the dog in your avatar,(Brittany,right ?).I used to raise,train and field trial Brittanys.Had 1 Field Champion,Another won 2 regional Championships,And a third won the Eastern New England Hunting Dog Stake on Cape Cod.
  10. mail
  11. Targeting big Bluefish along the New Jersey shore.10 am & 10 pm,NBC Sports Channel.
  12. A1,were you in cuffs when you got the grand tour ?
  13. He probably doesn't use his zerk anymore anyway !
  14. hunt
  15. Maine Coast Stripers,sounds good.10 am & 7:30 pm,NBC Sports Channel.