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  1. Going back 30+ years there used to be a pheasant shooting preserve somewhere around Snake Pond Sandwich.
  2. According to the caption on the channel guide it is PART 2.
  3. 10 am,Boston Sports Channel
  4. Part 2 - Monster Striped Bass at Block Island,R.I.
  5. Eastman's or Falmouth Bait & Tackle
  6. Jason,Bware has a clergyman friend in his town that I think would make a perfectly suitable and loving pet for you.
  7. Dan Rea did 2 hours of this subject,(cameras on Cape bridges),last night on his radio show,it was interesting to hear all the opinions out there,most seemed favorable.
  8. Maybe 4 lbs.average,fun to catch however.
  9. I remember catching tons of pollack inside the little river at the Plymouth Power Plant on little diamond jigs,very early 70s.I imagine you can't even go in there now.
  10. Me thinks the Feds would love to get a piece of this action,the Wall must be built,you know.
  11. This is probably the 1st.step to a toll system !
  12. Hi capesams,just curious is that dog in your avatar a Gordon Setter ? If so,I used to compete against them with my dogs.
  13. I caught a nice haddock once,years back,about 3-400 yards off a Weymouth beach.
  14. Monster Stripers of Block Island.Sounds like it might be a good one.10 am,Boston Sports Channel.
  15. There are more damn turkeys than there are pigeons in my town, Problem is there is no hunting in my town,bet that changes soon down the road !