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  1. Ajax
  2. the ex con minister,himself !
  3. fore
  4. weight
  5. 65 yrs.old = half price 70=free 60 & up = salt
  6. Both Fresh & Salt Licenses for Massachusetts,(2019),are now available online,don't know about stores etc.,as yet.
  7. hens
  8. What a drag it ISN'T getting old !!!
  9. Carson Beach would be a wonderful place to spend your summer vacation today,wouldn't it !
  10. Not worth it,just to see the Rolling Skeletons !
  11. morons
  12. On 3" of ice,you might say goodbye to your a$$ too !
  13. OK.A1,I wasn't sure he got it,so I mailed it to him a few days ago. Troutworm,
  14. Thanks Carl,by the way I did clip the story out of the paper and will save it for Ron if he wants it.
  15. In todays,(Sun.Globe),paper,on page 4 of the Globe Local section,there is a nice story about a Ray Arra Sr.,who played football in Needham and later served in World War II. Would this be your Dad ? I could save this and mail it to you if you want or unable to get a copy yourself.If any of you guys on Cape read this and see Ron,(A1,you will most likely see him),tell him to pm me. Troutworm,(Joe C.,Former employee,P.P.Park)