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  1. Rob,maybe he only owns loafers !
  2. Crocodile Dundee Knife,now that's a knife !
  3. How far up did they shove the Q tip ?
  4. Good thing Charlie Baker made alcohol a necessity,poor woman woulda been dead by now !
  5. late
  6. I just bought a new vehicle,drove it around for a few weeks,now it's been recalled,so of course I'm now on a waiting list !
  7. bread
  8. Might have to grab a couple of lobsters today,many places got them for $5.99 this weekend,good deal !
  9. Joe,make reparations,choose Sharpton for VP !
  10. Weismueller
  11. Triangle Pond is an 84 acre warm water pond in Sandwich.It has a maximum depth of 40 feet and is known presently to contain Bass, Pickerel,and White Perch.
  12. It's what 's for lunch !
  13. Your hat should say - MFGA Make Fishing Great Again !
  14. smell gel
  15. Asrod for Democratic Presidential candidate !