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  1. When I read this topic heading,I thought perhaps you finally caught a keeper ! Congrats Carl,
  2. Pheasant opener on Sunday ? There is no hunting on Sunday in Mass. ???
  3. You "shot" him,with what ?
  4. Wash hands with douche powder,....look at what that s**t kills !!
  5. My beloved egg rolls are going up ??
  6. And the boat belonged to a local fire chief,who was on board !
  7. He has a niece,a grand niece and a grand nephew.
  8. Walmart,Dicks Sporting Goods Stores and many tackle shops sell FW Licenses,not SW.There are no SW stamps in Ma.
  9. Are you aware that a license is needed here in Ma.for both Fresh and Salt water ?
  10. On top of the washing machine during spin cycle !
  11. A victim of the Pearl Harbor attack will be buried at the Nat'l Cemetary in Bourne, this Tuesday.For more info see Metro Region section of today's Sunday Globe.
  12. And leave poor Bware alone,he's home boiling his pee water !
  13. Angler#1 would be Captain Hook !
  14. You mean "Meffa" ,don't you ?
  15. Coopers Hawk ?