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  1. 10 am,Giant Boston stripers
  2. Cassius
  3. The Cape is no longer "sand dunes and salty air",it is changing big time.
  4. This one's talking to you ! Horse's name : Hot Rod Charlie,get all over it !
  5. Best show ever - Disney's Zorro ! My sword is a flame, Heed well my name ! Z....
  6. Squid
  7. Bob, My heartfelt condolences,I lost my 3 Brits way too soon,8 years since the last one, and I still grieve over all of them.Take a little time for yourself,then consider getting another one,don't wait too long like I did,and most of all do not expect a new pup to be a copy of your beloved Charlie,as each dog is his own personality....Troutworm
  8. Stones - Start me Up and/or Tumbling Dice
  9. Another good outdoor writer for the Brockton Enterprise was the late Randy Julius,(Lyme Disease took his life a few years back.)
  10. It might be late the time they finish this latest work on the Sag.Bridge !
  11. and Mateus
  12. Ripple !
  13. midget
  14. My rock story...A few years back,at a C.C.Campground,I found a perfectly shaped white rock,that I thought was an egg,I've had fun with it,on people's breakfast plates,etc.Still have it in my curio cabinet.
  15. Harvard