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  1. 18’ Eastern is a great boat to get into skinny water and will fish the rocks in our area..They are a proven downeast style hull that drafts very little water..
  2. I’m in Marblehead but I could meet u somewhere between Boston and Marblehead..
  3. Any chance your going to be in the Boston area.. I would take it for the asking..
  4. I don't need another rod but. I'll take it for the asking price. I own e couple of your builds and they are beautifully built and cast sweet..
  5. I’ll take the orvis. Mach 1V with the 10 wt int..
  6. Sounds good thanks.. I'm starting a new job in newton tomorrow. I'll pm you tomorrow on what day is going to work
  7. Would you take $100 for both ? We could meet in the city somewhere..
  8. Interested in the BWB 1120 are they both 8' models ?
  9. I’ll take the 7 short also.. I’ll send payment for the 4 lines tonight.. thank you herb..
  10. Herb I'll take a #8, 9, 12, long head please
  11. Yes he is.. Skip and Al have a ton of experience in those waters..
  12. I’ll take #5 the Scandi compact
  13. I’ll take it.. thanks
  14. Would u post a pic of the 5 wt?