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  1. North of Boston MA in September..
  2. Good eye herb.. Yes it is. Wind was blowing 25 knots with 5' swells that day. I needed something to put those big flys to the fish..
  3. This is my favorite for sure brought me a first place in our local catch and release tournament this fall..
  4. Sure send a pm.. would you take $150 for it if it's in good working condition?
  5. Great post.. Enjoy reading it the last few seasons.
  6. I'm interested but would rather not make a offer till I could take a look at it.. I'm in Marblehead MA could we possibly meet somewhere?
  7. How old is the motor and how much use has it had ?
  8. Agreed beasts are usually tied very sparse. But the fly in the pic is about 6-7" long tied on a 3/0 hook.. I have a few of those flies the tier is a friend of mine. They are not difficult to cast and I normally cast them on a 8wt with a 250g line..I have tried casting a few beasts that where about 10"-11" long. I had to cast them on my 10 wt on a day with very little wind.
  9. The white fly is a hollow fly..It was probably tied by Jeff from osprey fly tying.. If your having trouble casting that fly you will really have trouble with a beast fly..
  10. I’m Fishing some of your home waters. I too catch a lot of schoolies but keep putting your time in and you will learn where the bigger fish feed. My best fish this season came in the middle of the day in 25 mph winds..34” on a 8” deciever..
  11. Would you take $150 for the 10 wt shipped ?
  12. I'll take it ..
  13. I’ll take it
  14. 18’ Eastern is a great boat to get into skinny water and will fish the rocks in our area..They are a proven downeast style hull that drafts very little water..
  15. I’m in Marblehead but I could meet u somewhere between Boston and Marblehead..