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  1. Put down the bait and use artificials with a single hook. Let’s all give these fish a chance.
  2. I support Tomos shop every season.. I was in there a few weeks ago..The shop is coved safe and he’s always has best stuff. Tomos a great guy and very helpful to the new fisherman.. Support his shop and don’t bash it...
  3. 8” hollow fly that I tied in a pollack pattern..Rod was a CTS FSA 909 that I built.. Herb supplied the blank..
  4. Fished yesterday morning on the Northshore. Found fish blasting pogie south of the water. Caught a 34” and this 39” both on the fly rod.. both fish where safely released.
  5. I’ll take it please..
  6. Awesome fish!!! Congrats Herb..
  7. I’ll take them.. pm me and we can arrange a day next week to pick them up
  8. You still in town.. I’m working in government center
  9. How much for the 3 spooks ?
  10. Mr.B what’s size and weight of the tattoo spooks ?
  11. Here you go.. the week before.
  12. I have found a lot of the 20” class fish on the Northshore.. but have had a few nice ones up to 27” all on fly.. 3-4” deceivers have been the most productive.
  13. I don’t fish the pier but have been fishing the river near the pier. Been getting a consistent bite of school size stripers.