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  1. Looking for a short stix in a 7/8 if anyone has one there not using..
  2. I'm only willing to sell a couple spools of thread.. I probably should have said that when I posted the pic. What colors are you interested in ?
  3. All Holland thread size D..I’ll never use it all..
  4. What about wade rods they are built for Post fly in Newbury. I believe you can pay monthly for the rod just like there fly subscription. I have heard they are a decent entry level rod..
  5. I to would be interested in a club on the Northshore.. i live in Marblehead and fish in the area. I was a member of the New England Saltwater Flyrodders briefly but unfortunately they were forced to close up..Seemed to be a good group of guys but not a lot of younger members to keep the group going.
  6. Okay thanks.. I’m going to pass
  7. Did u purchase the line new?
  8. Would you post a pic of the Rio outbound short I’m interested
  9. Good meeting your son yesterday Tony Thanks..
  10. North of Boston MA in September..
  11. Good eye herb.. Yes it is. Wind was blowing 25 knots with 5' swells that day. I needed something to put those big flys to the fish..
  12. This is my favorite for sure brought me a first place in our local catch and release tournament this fall..
  13. Sure send a pm.. would you take $150 for it if it's in good working condition?