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  1. I’ll take it:. Could I get a pic of the problem
  2. I’ll take the In touch 300g sink tip
  3. Whyknot fishing does meetups during the winter on the Northshore.. But I’m down for events at notch and true north.
  4. Send me a pm and we can arrange a meet up.
  5. I’m in Marblehead MA..you?
  6. No line just the backing.
  7. Overall good condition minor rash..$150 plus actual ship.
  8. I have one with a extra spool.. I can get you pics. You might be local I think.
  9. Cape fish was a great shop with a very knowledgeable owner. It was in a tough location. We need another fly shop on the Northshore. I learned to tie my first clouser there at one of the tying events Matt hosted.
  10. Matty from capefish?? He’s the reason I tried the hover lines this season. My normal go to is the Rio sink tip.
  11. The rod is a custom Dan craft blank that Herb built. Scientific Angler’s hover 2,4 10wt line and a cheeky reel..Fly was a pollack imitation I got at Eldridge bros..
  12. Caught this 44” fish on a 10wt ona hollow fly. Released her to continue her migration.
  13. Herb I’ll take #9 also.. Question about what your not happy with on guide layout. Is there only a 16 stripping guide and then to running guides ?
  14. I’ll take the coastal 9 intermediate.
  15. I’ll take #15 also please