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  1. I’m in Marblehead..
  2. Respectfully offer $60 for the line if we can agree on a location to meet.
  3. I’m in Marblehead and can offer some flys to a kid getting started..
  4. I’ll take a case of the 30lb..Herb
  5. They are still being made by a guy and his son in swampscott MA.. you can find them on Facebook..
  6. I would be interested in just the line if you want to part it out.. I’m local and could meet you somewhere..
  7. This is a sick rod I built the same rod and it's beautiful to cast..
  8. I’ll take the wulff #11 if mighty passes on it..
  9. I think joe just tied some and posted them on insta..
  10. I'll take this.. but could you post a pic please
  11. I bought those two and there still going strong.. Bearsdens has them in any configuration you want.. I fish exclusively fly now and they work great on my boat..
  12. Pm your PayPal..
  13. Would you take $80 for both? If not I’ll take the 10 for the asking price..
  14. Interested in the 10wt float can u post a pic please ?
  15. Is there any chance you’re going to be in the Boston area anytime soon? I would take it for the asking price.