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  1. Lots of online places to find boat lettering and grafics
  2. There is an anchor locker and it has a drain to a hull fitting but it's not this one. This has nothing connected to it. It's open to the bildge area of the boat.
  3. Hey all: I just picked up a sweet 1995 Searay Laguna with a 1996 135HP Merc. two stroke. Anyone out ther own one? At the bow, port side just above the water line there is a small stainless steel clam shell fitting. Nothing connected to or anything going through it. Anyone know what this is for? Thanks for your Help!!!!
  4. Thanks Flylikeabird. I'm still cosidering it. A local Hobie dealer is having a demo day on May 19th at Va Beach I'm going to carry my behind up there and test a couple of Hobie's from the shore. Jumping in and out of a kayak from a dock kicked my ass in Ft Myers. I am now officially boatless. I sold my V-20 and my Jon boat. The kids want another boat that is fast and big. Yeah right, I tell them fast and big cost. Look at me big and slow cost too!
  5. Fellow Kayakers this want a be kayaker tried a Malibu X Factor while on spring break with the kids in Ft Myers, FL. I went to a marina who rented and sold Malibu's. They let me take the X out for a spin around the marina. I'm not sure this would right for me. It was hard for me to get my fat a%@ in the seat from the dock and then get it out and back on the dock. I think I need to get myself in better shape to be safe. I'm sure it would be easier to get in and from the shore line.
  6. Paddle or peddle. I thinking about a Hobie, Malibu x factor or Stealth 14 that is my next question! I'm heading for Florida tomorrow I plan to demo them all while there. The water temp. should be better in the Gulf than the Chesapeake Bay.
  7. The V-20 was sold tonight to a Dad and his 2 very excited boys. I good thing is his sons will surely enjoy some good times on the boat fishing with Dad.
  8. I have a guy coming over to look at the V-20 tonight. My teenagers are having a fit because i'm selling it. Oh yeah everytime I asked them to help me clean or work on it the complaints start coming. I don't ever remember them or there friends holding a $20 out the window when I was filling it up. Not to mention them and there friends going through hundreds of dollars worth of tackle without offering to replace it. I asked the son to use his pickup to get the V-20 out of the marina last weekend. He had a fit. Thats my truck you need to buy your own. (truck and title in my name) I have asked my daughter more than 50 times to go fishing with me. It's to cold, windy, rough, and besides this guy I like just might call me while I'm gone and besides when the boat motor runs I can hardly hear who's talking on my cell phone. Oh yeah no bathroom. I am not hanging it over the side. My wife is the only one for it. (She has never once rode in it) She says good, we can use the money to get new counter tops and wood floors in the dining room and foyer. YEAH RIGHT! I don't know Kayakers, I sure hope this is the right thing to do.
  9. Okay Kayaking people. I thank you all for the great comments. I realize this is a learning process and I look forward to the fun and excitment. Shocking, my wife is coming around to the idea. She showed me a magizine last night with a kayak ad in it. Wow, she has been hating my toy purchases for years. A sailboat, jet ski, jon boat and of course the V-20. She complains all the time, maybe she figures I can no longer be stopped and it beats me hitting the clubs putting dollar bills in girls G-strings. Now I need to sell my V20. I really love that boat and I will probably never find another boat as nice. I put allot of work in her and will miss her dearly. Gee I'm starting to get misty. Anyway. Thanks again for all your comments. Tightlines and following seas to you all. Jim PS I live in Chesapeake Va. Let me know if you know someone looking for a nice Wellcraft V-20
  10. My biggest worry is getting my behind out and in the Kayak without tipping it over. Is there a trick to it or just plop down and let gravity take over?
  11. I was cruising in my 20' V-20 Welcraft with a smoking 150HP Johnson outboard. I came across two guys fishing off there kayaks. They seemed to be very peaceful and relaxed. No smoking motor, they were close to the shore where I couldn't go without turning up the muddy bottom. No burning up gas (60gal. in the V-20) It actually looked like great fun. They were just crusing along with no rush or worries. That's when it hit me. This stage of my life I like to keep things simple. INCLUDING FISHING. So I went home and cleaned my V-20 up and listed it on Craigs list for sale. I must be out of my mind. I stayed up most of the night looking at the possibilities for me fishing off a Kayak. I'm no small skinny salad eating kind of guy. More like a 55 year old large potato and steak sort of feller. I tip the scales at a lite 284# being i'm 6 ft I am not really the biggest guy in the naiborhood. So fellow kayak lovers. Tell me I am making a good decision and about the weight thing. I look forward to some great advice. Thanks so muchFor your Help!! JIm
  12. Thanks very much!
  13. Taking the kids down to Grandma's at Ft Myers on April 10th. She lives on the other side of the bridge by Lovers Key. I'm thinking about bringing my 14' aluminum Jon Boat with my 9.9. We want to fish the back water areas not the gulf. I needs some recommendations on where to go, what to fish for and what to use for bait or lure. My 17 year old and I fish everyday under the bridge when we go there. I thought it would be fun to bring the jon boat. Thanks
  14. So that's where my immature 13 year old son gets it!!!!!
  15. heat it up with a butane torch