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  1. I was at the Saltwater Edge last night and saw some Lordship Lure Atom 40 and Atom JR size, shape, color lures. What have been your experience in the variation of Atom 40 metal lip swimmers? How do LL compare to BM as compared to Habb's etc? From outside the package looking in the only concern I had was the strength and durability of the metal lip. The wire, hardware and finish all looked great...I just haven't seen them swim.
  2. From the album Forum Attachments

  3. Selling at Century 2200 2008. Was supposed to be here in RI for another couple of years but the Army said other wise. Asking $53,000 electronics, CG safety gear and trailer included. See attached. PM me for the spec sheet.
  4. Went out Wednesday from the Newport Bridge to top of Prudence (how's that for spot burning) nothing but bass, bass, bass. Had an epic day from about 0530-1230. Quit at that point because we were too sore to cast (and reel in fish) any more. All fish were 8-15 lbs with two that broke off boat side that were significantly larger. 6"-9" storm shads in bunker, white, and green with glitter were the baits of choice. Most fun I've had since last October.
  5. What battery chargers/conditioners to you use out of the boat-in the garage?? What's the best for the money? Any requirement for marine specific charger?
  6. Thanks for the info. B & D it is for now.
  7. Thanks...anyone else have a recommendation on brand/preference on charger or conditioner?
  8. Got it..how about answering the original question chief...thanks
  9. Ya I'm sure had I stored it myself it wouldn't have been such an issue. Winterization and storage was included for the first year with my new boat and I should have asked for some of the details about what they did for storage. Ended up they didn't pull the batteries and now I have a dead one at launch.
  10. I had one ordered through Shimano. I was pretty sure the covering cap for it is reel specific (not interchangable with a 700.)
  11. Wanted to buy or possibly trade. Need a yellow with eyes to fill out a collection. I want to fish the black, purple and white.
  12. Thanks of the offers guys. Found what I needed. Thread Closed.
  13. I could possibley do the olive. Anything in a BM Atom?
  14. Offer withdrawn. I'm going to hang onto them and see how they fish this year. They look and feel sweet.
  15. Did all tickets go out? I haven't seen mine (Halvey64@yahoo.com)
  16. Habs Jrs. (1 Black, 1 white, 1 olive and one black over purple)
  17. I may have both (I'll check at the house) I know I have white, Purple/White and two others (NIP). Any BM atoms you're willing to trade?
  18. Where were you last year when I was buying expensive singles off e-bay
  19. Anything left that you're getting rid of? Looking for a Bunker with eyes and without.
  20. Will do. Check your PM's. Total is $115.
  21. $110 for both Pay by Money Order
  22. Worst day ever was when I bought my 8 year old daughter a Gag's Pencil Popper for her first lure (she liked the colors) and on the first cast...to show her how it's done... I tip wrapped it and sent it to England. You should have seen the look of horror on her face. Wasn't a bag full of plugs but it was the one that counted.
  23. Baitcasting for me would be the Shimano Calcutta 700B. Love the capacity and smooth action.
  24. Nice picture...good info. Thanks.
  25. Boogie, I didn't think the pot was big enough to hold three different sites in it. I hope you get your rod fixed.