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  1. do not buy stocking foot for surf fishing. no matter what you do they will get sand in the boots. Breatheable boot foot is my opinion from years of experience.'
  2. Thats a beauty from the beach
  3. Once you wear breathables you will most likely never even consider wearing neoprene again. I suggest LL Beans, not because they are the best, because they have a lifetime guarantee, no questions asked.
  4. I have a stradic 5000fj and it got a little stiff after a lot of use. I opened it up, took one look and put the side plate back on. Took it to my local tackle shop they opened it up and cleaned up the insides. Good as new for 15 bucks. Lots of tiny little parts in there.
  5. Hey Boone 1985,...... nice fish, are you trying to signal aircraft with that spotlight on your head?
  6. the fish are here and they are eating. plenty of em.
  7. I would avoid that pier at all costs. four people can fish that pier comfortably, there are routinely 20 to 30 there. If you like having people who cast with the spinning reel upside down coming within an inch of taking your eye out with a hook it happens there all the time. Blasting radios, drunks and little kids running around. They should put a tent over that circus As the previous poster says, there are a lot better options in the area.
  8. I ordered one for my son yesterday. It was at my door 1pm today. Now that is fast shipping. My son likes to fish in nasty weather, I think he'll get good use out of it.
  9. Felt sole are hard to find. I don't even know if they make them anymore. I believe I read somewhere that it is an enviornmental issue, something about organisms being transported from one body of water to another in the felt. Many States have banned them outright.
  10. I went through it 2 years ago. First and only time my children ever saw me cry. I said I'd never get another dog but a couple of months later I took a dog from someone because she was going to go to a shelter. Best thing I did, it helped to move on. My advice is to let some time pass and rescue a shelter dog. It wont make you forget but it helps.
  11. crankie221....loved that video. I'm going to Ireland next summer, I'll be in Mayo and would love to fish there. Any advice?
  12. great rod for I agree, I've had one for years. My only reservation would be the $200 price for a used one. They originally went for about $280 new but can be found now for $240 new if you look around a little bit. $
  13. If you were using a Van Staal or ZeeBass instead of a Penn that 32# would have been a 42#.. Big fish go for the bling.
  14. Another LL Bean flyweight vote here.
  15. All breatheable waders no matter the make or price, eventually leak. I have ll bean flyweights and get a new pair no charge when they leak.....for the rest of my life.
  16. I don't think anyone else would take the job.
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