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    i love fishing and i fish at least 150 days a year
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    woodworking, football, fly fishing ( freshwater) striper fishing (raritan bay)
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  3. i though u said you were going to be flippin..if i were u id scratch the braid and go 12-17lb flouro
  4. 50pp or 40 suffix..cant go wrong with wiith either...when using crankbaits or spinnerbaits i like 30 lb suffix its much smoother and longer casting on that reel
  5. for a first rod..go ugly stick..i still have my first one..and eventhough i have a lot of nicer more expensive rod..i always catch my self reaching for my ugly stick 6'6 6-12
  6. im leaving for susquehanna university this friday and i know that there is some great small mouth fishing very close on the susquehanna river and some above average trout streams...on the trout side im pretty much set, but the river smallmouth fishing is going to be tough.. I was wondering if any of you guys could lead me in the right direction to help me stock up on gear to take up to school, like the basic set up of choice( i was thinking a 7foot medium light action like 6-12 lb test and if you could give me a little help on the must have lures thanks guys, Adam
  7. great fish..thats some cool photoshop work with the backround of the pic
  8. went bass fishing today for the 1st time in a while and im sure glad i did..the weeds at the place i was fishing are starting to come in nicely and as soon as i saw them i thought this has the yum money hound written all over it..and sure enough i caught 4 bass not huge but still fun..and what an action the hound has it is simply ridiculous i cant wait to go and buy more..then i waded over to a little more open area a shallow spawning flat and got 6 bass up to around 3lbs all in all a great day..1st in a long time. tight lines.
  9. idk whats been going on up there but i was on a friends boat and we fished real hard and got squat. we were reading fish. Im thinking maybe it was because there was no herring available we had to use shiners, but last year we were doing really well on shiners getting quality lakers and rainbows..idk whats been going on there but its not like it was in the past..hopefully the summertime night bite is still going to be there because that is a heck of a good time
  10. the money frogs are dank man. they have a crazy action when hooked right. The one set back is if you dont have them hooked well then the from runs upside down and that equals no fish. but i love them and have done well on the brown with red flake as well but the white has been the best for me. I did try the money hounds and they are going to be insane later on in the summer fishing heavy matted cover. the yum money line is amazing..def. pick up a few
  11. thanks boys, it was the first bass that i have ever caught that i could fit my whole fist in its mouth with plenty of wiggle room..only makes it even sweeter that it exploded on a top water...and of course i snapped two quick picks and she went right back in the water and swam off with authority
  12. got it on the the new yum money frog in white..they are nasty baits
  13. dont get that.. but thanks every1
  14. ok i think it should work now