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  1. for helping my wife bring in my stuff.Since i could not be there because i was in RI and she told me you guys were very helpful.Again thank youand see you next year.I also want to thank eveyone who suppored me this year and if there anything you want to see me put up in commercial sales forum in the future let me know as soon as i get myself back together i will put some stuff up.



  2. Tim thanks for this thread. i wll be ar

    surfday feb 25

    berkley march 4

    asbury march 11


    i have ne w body styles some of which i will post later.


    first in the new line up is a 2.25 smaller verion of my big slantnose swimmer but there are some differences besides being smaller it will run on to like the larger one but it will dive to about a foot or so and hold in a mild current but the main difference is it has RATTLES in it.



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