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  1. basil is looking for a new plase right now.he wants another shop.
  2. beside bright what other colors you guys want
  3. i will finish these and maybe work on them next.
  4. barneget light b &t
  5. as asked for here is 1 more spook that i forgot to do with the others ONLY 3 AVAILABLE 2 oz 6" long cast like a bullet here are 1 oz hand carved swimming .there like the little bombers perfect for the back bay and the fall run.they are all foiled and have white belly except the blurple and perch. spooks are $15 plus 5 shipping handcarves are $20 plus 5 shipping as always will combine shipping MO or paypal is good. my paypal address is spook is a scaled herring 2 available black and purple scaled 0 available perch only 0 available foiled yellow0 available foiled blue mac. 0 available foiled smokey joe 2 available foiled olive 1 available
  6. i am going to close this. thanks sol and tim
  7. just around 6"
  8. yes i do pm sent
  9. for example only a little better side view.
  10. These are totally sealed like all my stuff .They weight 2 oz and are 6'' long.They are $15 plus$5 shipping.As always i will combine shipping. colors are :3 of each are available black with char. and orange scales 2 left red head white sold out scaled blach head char. top white bellysold out scaled parrot sold out pearl sold out electric sold out yellow sold out
  11. i will put some up tuesday at 7 pm.i think i only have 1 left so be ready.
  12. the jointed perch or the hand carved one.i of them i can part with the other i cant just yet.but maybe just maybe the might be a couple of them perch jointed in the future if that what your looking for.the other i can put up tuesday if you want 1.
  13. i will reopen it for the last 2 black spooks all gone now
  14. no more spooks tonight if thats what you are looking for let me see what i have left and i will go from there .i might put some medium surfsters up in a day or so .
  15. i am going to close this and see what is what.thanks guys and tim bob
  16. i will be putting some spooks up at 7 pm on sunday.7 different colors there 6" long and weight 2 oz.see you sunday
  17. i will be putting some up sunday night at 7pm
  18. i will take 10
  19. bob i will take a lot send me your info
  20. dont forget to stop by and get your raffle ticket for this NFC shadow box at the asbury show.this will be your last chance will give it away at the end of the dont have to be present to win.
  21. I know i have not posted in a while but thought i would share this with you guys.worked hard on it and it took forever hope you like it AFC is next.
  22. here is something you might see at berkley
  23. i have been going to surf day for a while the staff does a great job they help you in and out.alot of great vendor and great the crazy guy behind the mic. keeps us all amused.any way it was a great show and i will be going in the years to come .GREAT job JJS and you to Russ
  24. since surf day is tomorrow and i am done packing here are some new stuff.
  25. i got a blind parrot and a blind pink and black back .$28 each shipped.if you want both 50 shipped.can put up pic if your intrested and yes both NIP