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  1. skip does that gator have teeth . its just off the hook.
  2. wtb

    a new rm 2oz in brown trout.
  3. vince they look great i will get mine out this week.
  4. here is a red white and blue hand carved
  5. skip missed you yesterday. was not the same without you
  6. smitty did you not walk out with somthing in your pocket. i thought i saw some feathers in your pocket
  7. yes it is tomorrow at 9 get on line around 5 am . you will be in the first 100 people to enter.good luck see you there.
  8. one in chicken scratch and one in smokey joe
  9. how many you want
  10. how about 1 large pizza your choice of topping just for yourself.
  11. try a white jerkbait or some paca's around the docks up river
  12. charger might be able to help
  13. flex coat turns yellow over time.harbor freight sell devcon .
  14. iyits not mine . sign all my plugs. the eary ones have signatures on top.
  15. i have been using bliz's eyes on my lures now and i will never use any other eyes. it also help that bliz is a great guy.
  16. congrats sk70 on winning 1/3 of the plug. whitch end did you get . i would go with the front.
  17. title says it all $125 shipped
  18. sold to matt thanks matt and sol
  19. this is a great idea skip.hopefully i will be there sat night
  20. well surf day is the 21 so we will all be there
  21. i like the look and shape . also that you sealed it and shaped the tail.looks great. it also was great to meet you in LI. you should have come up on sunday.
  22. what are you waiting for go find some will be happy
  23. i know that some people have them . there will be more .check out this tread to find them.
  24. yo charlie geat to meet you and tom .you take great pictures. it was great to meet some new people . it was first time up there .i sent some wood out to new people that did not know about me. hope to great some more in your area was great to meet armond and his son and don and his crew from AH.they are great guys.
  25. 1 turd 2 good 3 fair 4 good love them all