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  1. no sorry guys just got in . took a little longer then i sucks but to make it fair i will put them up sunday at 12 noon .again sorry guys.
  2. sorry guys got to run out to take care of some business. will put these up around 9 -930. there will be 10 different colors .see you then
  3. these are 1 of each color in wonderbread and clown. they are 2.5 oz and about 6" long.swim on top to about a foot depend on retrieve .they are $30 each 3$ if both are bought my the same person shipping will be free.
  4. smoke thats it for tonight it was all i had left. more to of them in the weeks to come thanks tim and sol
  5. i have a couple coming up at 8pm.
  6. thinking tomorrow or thursday i will post
  7. if you get one i will throw in a tail for you. next meeting i will have one for you
  8. thanks tim and everyone for you kind words . nice fish steve glad you got use out of the lure. darth i owe you. think i will have a couple jointed coming up soon.
  9. RIP lefty and dorothy. you will be missed
  10. i can do them for you
  11. glade to see you guys are enjoying them . i personaly have enjoyed the black & the chicken scratch handcarved and a yellow & a chart. pencil poppers.
  12. tim thats what i thought
  13. my bad i miss read the whole thread .
  14. skinny bob had first dids on the plug .he was the first to respond to it . read this rule the last sentence. this is just my opion. sound to me you have something against bob. 1. *Anyone that buys, sells or offers to buy or sell to sell to a member that contacts them through PM's only may lose their BST access. Anyone that solicits, offers or accepts any offer of money or lures made via PMs will lose access to their PMs as well as the BST Forum. PMs are for AFTER the deal has been made in the thread where it was posted. If a member cannot post in this forum, they cannot purchase items listed in this forum - it is a seller's responsibility to follow these rules as much as it is the buyer's.
  15. nice picture if you want it i will have to make it trade or cash does not matter to me.if trade give me a week to make coming
  16. $15 shipped i will take it
  17. Johann and Beltran 31 bms
  18. someone please take these
  19. middle left bottom right
  20. 10" 6 oz. swims with a huge wake.
  21. skippy they look great as always
  22. looks great i am stopping by for a paint lesson
  23. i dont use a airbrush i use adetail sprayer . they use this to paint cars
  24. thin the binz 75 25 with water then spray it on at 30psi comes out fine.
  25. looks great vince