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  1. left are 2 scaled bass
  2. left are 2 clown 2 black gold 1 green back
  3. left are 1 perch and 2 bass
  4. 1 herring left thanks everyone
  5. both are taken
  6. be here 8 pm sat night with some new stuff.see you then
  7. i gave up using senkos a long time ago. google wacky worm they have a great store they make there own senkos you put them side by side in the water same sink rate and i think they have more action the senkos.give them a try and you will never go back.they ate 3.99 for a 10 pack or 15.99 for a 50 pack
  8. armond and don count me in. keep me informed
  9. all needles have been shipped either today or yesterday. thanks you all .will have some more stuff up soon.thanks again sol and tim bob
  10. There is a good chance you will see some of them soon
  11. bob can you do $350 for it minus the set of chisels, gouges,robert sorbey ect.. i got enough of those.if so i will take it.
  12. thank you hope you enjoy them
  13. yes i did you should get them soon
  14. these are 8" 2 oz .can also be used as a pencil popper . thery are $15 and $3 for shipping will combine .i except paypal and mo.there are 2 available of each color and colors are : bluple olive white black gold white black and gold blue silver white
  15. all needles are gone thanks tim and sol
  16. these are 2 oz and can be used as a pencil popper. there 8 " long. there are 2 of each color available .$15 $3 shipping will except paypal and mo: parrot mahai orange yellow white pearl with pink sides wonderbread
  17. all needles are gone
  18. sorry the 2 were taken
  19. sorry hanover i only have 2 of these if i make more you got firts dibbs on it.
  20. pm going out .there are these left 1 white pink sides
  21. only the 2 blue one left thanks sol and tim
  22. bassadana back out if you want it its yours
  23. if you want 1 i have a third .its your i will pm my info
  24. sat night around 6 pm they are 8" long, snd there will be at least 10 available.they weight is 2.25 oz they also double as a thin pencil popper.see you saturday.