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  1. pm sent
  2. here is hat is left 1 bluple 2 pearl 2 somkey joe 1 wonderbread
  3. there is a tournament on there tomorrow its been good 3/4 oz traps off of points
  4. thanks chris will pm on the way
  5. yes i can
  6. all lure from sat night have been shipped if payed for something new this sat at 5 pm.its your choice sat.these will be your choices top 2 will be available sat at 5 pm. 1 oz sinking needle 2.5 oz sinking needle 1.5 oz handcarved 3.5 oz swimmer 2.0 oz sinking A-40 jr. remember its your choice post here what you would like to see
  7. might be soon should have a few in the next couple weeks
  8. looks like 1 oz sinking needle and 1.5 oz handcaved see you tonight at 5
  9. these are totally seal just like all my stuff weight in at 3 oz and are 9" long.there are 2 of each color available .they are $18 plus 4.95 shipping . my paypal address is colors are: red head white fire tiger char. silver sides parrot scaled sunburst yellow red head yellow
  10. here is what is left to tonight 1 char. with silver sides 2 yellow
  11. check out the something new thread and vote for what you want.
  12. thanks for the kind words .
  13. ok here is what is left and i will let this run to friday at 8 pm then the thread will be closed. 1 red head white 2 char. with silver sides 2 yellow 1 yellow red head
  14. they sit tail down at a 45 degree angle when worked and go side to side as they splash down.
  15. these are sealed completey are 6" long weight 2 oz swimms from surface to 6" under.there is only 1 of each color and are 20 plus 4.95 shipping .my paypal address is colors are: blurple olive scaled white firetiger scaled white scaled pink grey scaled sunburst scaled yellow white
  16. all gone tread closed thanks sol and tim
  17. correct
  18. Have been mailed out today .thanks again guys tim and the rest of sol. lets to this again next saturday same time 8 pm
  19. these were new this year and are 6" long weight 2 oz .they swim like a a 40 but sink level in the water at a rate of 6" a second .I count them down to were i want them and retreive them with a slow to medium return. there are 2 of each available $20 each plus $4.95 shipping. will combine shipping on multiple orders colors are: clown green back pink sides over silver scales green bunker mullet black and gold
  20. all gone thanks tim and sol
  21. these are this years new hand carved 1 oz swims like a bomber at 2-3 feet there are 2 of each color available at $25 each plus $4.95 shipping will combined on multiple orders colors are foiled blue mac perch striped bass
  22. all gone tread closed again thanks tim and sol
  23. these are 6.5 " long 2.5 oz and have a v type joint. might be the last time you see these for a while. there are 2 of each at $30 plus $4.95 shipping will combine shipping of multiple orders colors are Black white scales herring baby striped bass
  24. all gone tread closed thanks sol and tim
  25. pm on the way left are: 1 clown 1 black gold