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  2. best cutters around. been using them for years. I cut the blocks on another lathe till there round then move them to the dup. Blades last a lot longer.
  3. the wrinkles happen when the primer doesn't have enough time to dry and when the epoxy takes the air away you get wrinkles. it happens to me from time to time. if you are use clear between colors try ex-tex spray epoxy. I use it over decals never had an issue with epoxy pealing..
  4. Title says it all
  5. From the album Red white and blue

  6. Here are some I just finished
  7. You should be getting it Monday. At least that's what usps says
  8. Here's a shadow box I made for a raffle last year
  9. From the album Sports plugs

  10. They are flat. I make the decals from water slide paper. As long as you ale them to fit the body they lay flat.
  11. Nope wood.
  12. From the album Sports plugs

  13. have not been here for some time. done lurking around. Glad to be back.
  14. Morning kev
  15. amazon good prices also. free shipping to.cant beat it.
  16. its only an hour from you give your take. there right of rt 70. they are great people.very helpful
  17. hey don how you been.
  18. Well that is good for me. But why are you losing so many plugs. 65# braid 20# floro leader barely ever loose a lure. I also use cost loc snaps and I tie a Albright know to join the two.
  19. I have noticed the opaque white and yellow needs to be cut a little. Black is fine.Spetra I tried its way to thin its like straying water.
  20. yes it has bernzy. looks like theres a lot of new guys now.
  21. Rissa was a great show again this year for me.But i Had tp have my son do most of the taking due to the fact that i was sick as hell had didnt need to be coughing in customers face.But on a good note he loved it and he also cant wait to go back to the show next year and fish the canal this year.Again thaks for all your support..
  22. i just wanted to say thanks to everyone that stop by picked up some plugs and kept my wife company.Since they move the RISSA show i will be able to attend the asbury show.If anyone that purched stuff have any question please feel free to pm me.
  23. looking to get atiger any color and shape. i want to fish it.
  24. for helping my wife bring in my stuff.Since i could not be there because i was in RI and she told me you guys were very helpful.Again thank youand see you next year.I also want to thank eveyone who suppored me this year and if there anything you want to see me put up in commercial sales forum in the future let me know as soon as i get myself back together i will put some stuff up. bob
  25. thanks big popper for the kind words.i went with 15 spooks came home empty.great show it was my first time .see you all again next year.