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  2. best cutters around. been using them for years. I cut the blocks on another lathe till there round then move them to the dup. Blades last a lot longer.
  3. the wrinkles happen when the primer doesn't have enough time to dry and when the epoxy takes the air away you get wrinkles. it happens to me from time to time. if you are use clear between colors try ex-tex spray epoxy. I use it over decals never had an issue with epoxy pealing..
  4. black label

    Red white and blue

  5. You should be getting it Monday. At least that's what usps says
  6. Here's a shadow box I made for a raffle last year
  7. black label

    Sports plugs

  8. They are flat. I make the decals from water slide paper. As long as you ale them to fit the body they lay flat.
  9. Here are some I just finished
  10. amazon good prices also. free shipping to.cant beat it.
  11. its only an hour from you give your take. there right of rt 70. they are great people.very helpful
  12. hey don how you been.
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