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  1. I don't like the clinch - improved or otherwise - for braid. Never had any luck with it. I also never had much faith in the slim beauty and stopped using it pretty quickly. I'm a fan of the uni knot myself. I double the line and do 5 wraps. Everyone else in the world seems to love the albright and alberto knots. Try one of those 3 and see if they work.
  2. What knot are you tying? Some don't play well with the slick coating.
  3. It's not uncommon in long-cast reels. The spool is so tall it needs a long main shaft to support it, and the longer shaft is more prone to bending or flexing. Some reels have stronger shafts than others but that risk never really goes away.
  4. Missed out on something? Missed the join-in date? Had to drop out due to unforeseen circumstances? Have extra plugs? Just want to trade something? Well here's a place to do it. I know I don't speak for everyone, but I would be willing to make another one like my swap plugs - or something else - if someone wanted to do some trading.
  5. There's nothing wrong with those plugs. I was thinking of making a post-swap trade thread for the people who missed out on this. If you want to make (or already have) another plug I'd make another and trade with you.
  6. Mmanolis for me in round 2. mmanolis -0 onthefish - 0 antagonizer - 2 Rocco - 0 chunkah - 0 kima - 2 mrscott24 -2
  7. It got my vote, so I might as well claim the last one. I'll take a Chunkah mmanolis -2 onthefish - 1 antagonizer - 2 Rocco - 0 chunkah - 0 kima - 2 mrscott24 -2
  8. I'm gonna have to vote Chunkah. I like parrot, I like poppers, and I really like parrot poppers.
  9. Drill it. My 9' mojo started spinning this year so I glued it up. If I can do it anyone with hands that work can. I did 4 holes on the back and 4 on the front but I feel like that was more than necessary. Syringe glue in until it comes out a different hole then switch to another one until the whole thing is full.
  10. Okay, I finally got my video uploaded and emailed in. I also got a bag of hooks in the mail so I don't have to send them out half-naked.
  11. Got my video but forgot my YouTube password. I'll have the video up some time today.
  12. Found fish jumping out front today around noon. Caught a couple small bass, a couple blues, and an Albie.