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  1. For "men" you guys are awful concerned about what other people do in their free time...
  2. surf

    The BG 3000 is too small. Get a 4000 and keep it dry.
  3. I can't recall ever dropping a hooked funny fish. And I would remember losing one, because I hook so few of the darn things...
  4. I have yet to find a lure that doesn't work during the mullet run
  5. Hard to rust an aluminum reel body....
  6. The best way to catch pickerel is by targeting anything else, in my experience
  7. Shape reminds me of an Axopar
  8. Quick, tie on a pencil!
  9. You really need to screw around to break a rod fighting a fish. Casting? Sure, happens all the time.
  10. I've been interchanging 10'6"s for years now. I have 3 2-6 tip sections and 2 3/4-4s. My handle sections came from one of each. I've never broken a rod when interchanging tips (for the record, I've only broken one tip section and that was the first cast on a yard sale rod).
  11. I won't get out of bed for less than double digits.
  12. I fished a Mojo 3/4-4 there for a while when my 2-6 was involved in a bike accident. It worked.
  13. Hah, I've been there! I have a couple of plugs that look like Swiss cheese because I was too stubborn to give up on the blank.
  14. Weightless 6" Arkansas shiner Slug-Go
  15. Do what I do. Drill the blanks before you spin them so you're just ruining lumber and not a turned plug.