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  1. Wow, first pick. You know I have to take one of EddieG's plugs. Round 1 Kima (3) ADTR14 (3) Antagonizer (3) Rayndogg19 (3) Hokeypokey (3) Eddieg710 (2) Round 2 Eddieg710 Hokeypokey Rayndogg19 Kima ADTR14 Antagonizer Round 3 ADTR14 Antagonizer Eddieg710 Kima Hokeypokey Rayndogg19
  2. That's just being overly dramatic. You can cast a Mojo as hard as you want. What they don't like is being tossed around, hit on rocks, and high sticked. It's a thin walled graphite blank and it doesn't take kindly to misuse, but casting isn't misuse. I personally wouldn't worry about it. If it bothers you, get it as close to the end as you can then drop some glue on it to keep it there.
  3. Mail it there
  4. 832 or Fireline (both regular Crystal and Ultra 8)
  5. If it's gonna stay dry I'd go with the Clash.
  6. Looks like the cap on the top part got pushed into the blank. It's really just there to keep debris out.
  7. Our old marina had a fish cleaning station and big bass would come grab every skin people tossed in. I lost a 20 pounder there that I hooked on a white fluke skin.
  8. 300 is plently. Back it with some mono.
  9. Bump Gonna keep this one open. If anyone finds one laying around, please let me know.
  10. Sounds like you should look at a Hi Power
  11. My favorite thing to wear on a jetty is still the old Dan Bailey Stream Cleats, which are basically the same thing. Spikes will slide on a smooth rock easier than the bars.
  12. My first was an ancient thread on the Penn Slammer that I found on Google and I wrote an unnecessarily long paragraph about mine. Those were the days.....
  13. I appreciate the post, but I'm not looking for one that big right now. I'd greatly prefer the 7'6" but would consider an 8'.
  14. Another bump. Nobody has one stashed in their garage or something?
  15. I'm rebuilding an old 8' St Croix, ordered the guides the other day. It's my first full build, we'll see how it goes.