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  1. Pick two cards from that arrangement, in order, 21 times. 10 times you'll get 2 hearts in a row. The cards picked would be: Star heart Heart heart Star star Heart heart Heart star Star heart Heart heart Etc. What do I win?
  2. Yep, completely useless. I tossed all mine in a fire years ago.
  3. The better way is to attach the spool to your cordless drill. Makes it way faster.
  4. Put all the braid on. Fill the rest of the way with mono. Wrap all of it on to an old empty line spool or around a 2 litre soda bottle. Do it again. Reel it in.
  5. I'd save that thing for the fall, looks like a hell of a mullet imitation.
  6. Tried it, was great for about a month. Then it wore out and started breaking with barely any pressure.
  7. Roberts' Whistler
  8. If you have a rod that will handle a 5 ounce pencil then have at it. My personal favorite size for a pencil is about 4 ounces, because my rod throws 4 well. I'd definitely use that one you posted. Looks great and big plugs catch big fish.
  9. On the other hand, has anyone ever fished a pond without perch? It's a difficult decision. Luckily I have months before any of this ice melts anyway so I have time to make up my mind.
  10. Just about everything here is stocked with trout, and the lakes that aren't usually have tributaries that are. I was thinking a small rainbow trout lure would be a killer in a lot of places.
  11. Made a diver today for messing around in fresh water. Now I need to decide if I'm going to paint it like a trout or a perch.
  12. Sometimes I like to fish topwater on a locked drag so I can stand the fish on their heads. If you do it right the back half of the fish comes out of the water and they try to swim in the air. After you get them out of the water you can usually water ski a 30 inch fish, but your reel does suffer from that kind of silliness.
  13. How will experience keep your line off rocks when a fish takes it? Do you have magical powers or something?