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  1. Little bit less casting distance and line capacity, but it's also easier to handle if you're new to braid. I'd probably stick to 40.
  2. I set the hook so hard it looks like I'm trying to knock myself out with the rod blank. Get that hook in there.
  3. What else would it be for?
  4. Ditch the rake, get a fork
  5. If my Mitchell 303 isn't too old, then that reel has a ton of time left. I just bought a Saltiga Z spinner. I'm much more worried about an item's condition than its age.
  6. I've always used the one from NJ. Never had a huge delay getting my stuff like some of the horror stories I've heard. Never dealt with the company on the Cape, and the other guy really rubbed me the wrong way at one of the shows.
  7. You guys ever fish a Ranger quickly? Nothing like having 45 blues attack a lure and none get the hook.
  8. Random mutation in rainbow trout. I've heard it happens in like 1 fish out of 120,000 but I don't know if that number is right. As for magnets, buy them online. I get the sampler boxes from the big auction site.
  9. If your kid is anything like I was when I was 7, you want something damn near indestructible. Buy a Penn 710 or 716 and hope for the best.
  10. Here's the coolest fish I caught last year. Ignore the goon holding the fish.
  11. Have that rod, 4000 fits best on it.
  12. Here's my 3 best so far from this year. Never weighed or measured them unfortunately.
  13. I've blown out a pair in a couple days at work. If you do anything but stand on wet sand, look elsewhere.
  14. 20 pound braid for panfish is asinine. And I can buy thousands of yards of 4 pound mono for the price of one 150 yard spool of Power Pro. Change it once or twice a year, once a month is also ridiculous.
  15. I've always liked those, especially the ones with the center pilot house.