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  1. I'd leave a couple clear if I were you. A sanded down clear SP was one of my top producers last year.
  2. I happen to own one of these.
  3. It's a joke lure to give to your friends. It would probably work though...
  4. I keep one folded up in my back pocket 100% of the time. Never know when you're gonna need to block the sun, wind, or mosquitoes.
  5. I'll take the Saltiga. I was gonna buy that one when it came up (after a few days of internal struggle) and you snagged it about 10 minutes before me lol
  6. Definitely stealing that idea, that's fantastic.
  7. Not really
  8. You guys wear one in the winter to stay warm? You should pick up a fleece one. I bought one for hunting, it's fantastic.
  9. I have one laying around somewhere. It was a cool idea but the shirt it was made on was terrible. I've ripped the hood clean off twice by accident.
  10. Being a ginger, I burn in the summer in about 20 minutes. I can either choose to slather myself with sunscreen every hour or two, or put on a hat and a face mask. I have about a half dozen or so of them. None of them have skulls though, never was a fan of that look.
  11. How do I always manage to miss these?
  12. The .280 is a hair longer than .270. they did it on purpose because the rounds are so similar, so making the .280 longer would keep it from chambering in a .270 rifle. Consequently, the .280 holds a little bit more powder.
  13. You're welcome.
  14. Everyone so far is incorrect. The poop story thread takes the trophy, hands down.