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  1. It's hard to beat the Heritage Rough Rider for the price. Cheap, reliable, several barrel options, optional 22 mag cylinder.
  2. Kima

    Wind Junk

    They don't, but you can never convince old white men that change is good
  3. Guys, we can't be throwing diamond jigs at boats. You're all better than that. Use a Ranger with the hook taken off instead.
  4. Roughly 1 to 1.5 casts depending on weather conditions...
  5. I almost grabbed it at 30 minutes but I've already got 3 and I'm short on funds Nice score.
  6. I've never bothered. I've caught surprisingly small fish on unclipped 11 inch scup before.
  7. I've used the 20 pound. It's not bad stuff and I'd buy it again. Gets that frayed ropey feeling like FireLine, but possibly a little worse. I still have it on one reel. It's strong and pretty well behaved though. Give it a shot.
  8. Forgot to mention: I have a folding tonneau cover on my truck. Might make a difference.
  9. 15 Tundra with the 5.7. Dashboard shows 18 mpg, hand calculations (accounting for slight error in speedo due to tire size) has me in the 17s. Combined highway and town driving, not much city. Last tank came up 17.3 mpg. Old 02 Tundra it replaced would do 20 on the highway with CC set to 70, 17 in town. Yes, I do drive like an old lady usually to conserve gas.
  10. The uni is the only knot you need. Strong, easy, and fast and it works in mono or braid, terminal or joining. There's nothing it can't do well.
  11. I've got reels with 6 different braids spliced together with uni knots. It's far from ideal but it's better than not fishing. Leave the longest segment on top and have fun
  12. Bailless reels are just for stubborn old men who can't get past the old days. Modern manual bails almost never trip and are easier to use. I fished bailless reels for 5 years and went back to bails, I will not be going back the other direction. I lost multiple times more lures to casting issues with bailless vs bailed. It's not the 80s anymore and we aren't stuck using 704s with crappy bails. Stop being difficult.
  13. I saw a picture of a guy towing a 13 foot Whaler behind a bicycle. Don't overthink it. Go slow, brake early, have fun fishing.
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