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  1. Have to also take into account the crazy number of these things out there. I've had nights fishing with 8 people at an inlet and 6 or 7 of us had Mojos. Get enough people using them and a few are going to break. Their hardware is crap though, I'm not going to defend their reel seats and guides that break when you look at them.....
  2. Find some current. Throw a small fish of some kind on a small hook, a foot or two away from a small sinker. Throw it into the current.
  3. Do you want a clunky reel that can put up with abuse in poor conditions, or refined elegance that will perform great if treated well?
  4. I have a Pit Boss, I think it's one of the 700 models. It's great. Set the temperature anywhere from smoke (not cold smoking but not real hot either) to 500 degrees. Set the dial and the grill does all the work for you. All the smoke flavor with none of the effort.
  5. Get a pellet grill. Pit Boss, Traeger, etc.
  6. Send the whole thing in if you go that route. The wording is slightly misleading on their page. $20 shipping fee to get the new rod to you. You still have to pay to send the old one in, which is like $15 or 20 and you need a giant tube to mail it in.
  7. It'll cost you $20 to ship in the broken one, then another warrantee fee. Just get the replacement.
  8. They're good eating but not amazing eating. I keep a few a year, no more than a dozen and never over 36". My (lack of) fishing abilities also help to keep my harvest low
  9. Just call customer service and buy a replacement top section
  10. It's all I use for darters. I can't make one that swims out of anything else. Works good for bottle darters too.
  11. Gimme a plain hook on mono any day. If you get fancy with a fluke rig you just end up tangled.
  12. No, the BG is better.
  13. I don't wanna sound like a dick or anything, but I would buy a BG at full price before I bought one of those two at half price.
  14. SP, bone Whatever size pencil you like to throw, white Bag of 6" Slug-Gos and a pack of half ounce jig heads Bag of paddle tails (I like cocahoe minnows and Z-Man PaddlerZ) to go on the same jig heads A Danny plug in something like schoolbus pattern
  15. Don't be worried about my earlier comment. I break things. It's what I do. Both 9' rods I broke were bought used. One 10'6" got attached to an Ugly Stick while in a rod holder on a bike. The Ugly Stick was moving, Mojo wasn't. The one you would expect to win did. Another one was in the same rod holder when the bike fell over.