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  1. I saw the rescue boat head out of Charlestown and take a left, same incident?
  2. Same as the rest of the year. 2 ounce jig with a 6 inch curly tail.
  3. I do it all the time. Almost every time, a bluefish will steal my hook and clip and I'm out a dollar.
  4. I appreciate the offer, but I already ended up buying and building the 1321. That pretty much burned my fishing rod budget for the year. In case anyone was wondering, I didn't end up cutting it.
  5. Caught a bluefish today and saw 2 others come in. Your plastics aren't safe.
  6. Spent 10 minutes on the end of a breachway testing a new rod. Caught 3 around 18-22 inches on a bucktail. Did better than expected.
  7. The same gear I always use. Mojo 2-6 or a GSB 1201m/1321m. Usually with a Saltiga 4000 and 30 pound braid to 50 pound mono leader.
  8. Why bother? Most new reels are good enough that bail tripping isn't really an issue anymore. Just use a bailed reel. I used a bailless reel for a few years. Then I went back to bails and I'll probably never use a bailless reel again.
  9. It's not just tough on the Island. I spent a couple months calling and visiting all the shops in CT looking for a 1201m, and finally found and settled for a raw 1321m OS. Apparently all of the distributors are out and shops can't get them.
  10. Am I the only fool who likes a purple mirror?
  11. Do you want to have any less of those 380s....?
  12. Any idea what blank the rod is built on? And how far down Long Island are we talking?
  13. I'm looking for a 1 piece, but thanks for the offer.
  14. If I were going to buy a reel for that rod, I'd probably end up with a Cabo 50.
  15. Gonna try bumping this one more time. Anybody have one of these laying around?