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  1. Would you do $25? These are sale at BPS for $12 rn
  2. Saltiga 10 star drag?
  3. Offer retracted I thought it was a lefty
  4. SHIMANO LONG STROKE SPOOL pack it in a small drybag! Also an unpopular opinion….Medium Light powered rods for 1/2oz and under lure range. 8.6 length if you can swing it. With these more parabolic rods there’s way less benefits to higher end quality and sensitivity, upgrades here are mostly cosmetic/comfort and don’t add distance. Save your money use <20lb braid
  5. This is a great dam reel! Same company as “Truth” or “Seigler” in the early days of production. I have the exact same model and use it from boats as well casting from shore. Can chuck 8nbait as far as my LC spinning setups!
  6. Thanks I’ll pass for now didn’t see the request for Personal Check/MO the first time around… I prefer Venmo/PayPal thanks
  7. I’m looking at some of these, if the 49ers win this week and and go to the superbowl maybe I’ll come back for that 153!
  8. 2nd in line for the 3K. Is the 4k the same size as the 3k with bigger capacity spool, same as 4.5 size body, or in between etc?
  9. he must be a grower not a shower, this explains why all the fish here are small!
  10. IME Stripers will bite in pretty much any water temp that we experience in the bay area fresh or salt. Its more a question of if they’re around or not, at any given year/month/week/etc. Generally speaking colder water can definitely make things “tricky”, but stripers feed regardless of temp/salinity. They aren’t as temperamental as a Florida strain LMB for example where their metabolism completely shuts down in cold water. Within the Bay Area I think the correlation with water temp and its affect on baitfish/forage populations plays a bigger role in the process. Annual migration patterns also coincide with weather trends, and I’m sure water temp is a trigger of sorts for them to migrate, spawn, and repeat the cycle. That said there seems to always be schools of fish that break the norm, sometimes they’re around and biting when they shouldn’t be. Use it as an indicator but don’t base your decisions entirely on water temp!
  11. looks like the tip is missing an inch or so? Can you confirm the length and by chance you by chance have an exact measurement?
  12. Whats retail on this when it was brand new?
  13. Find the bait is step 1. Fish will be there. Take it a step farther and figure out how when and why the Bass are feeding on this bait. Could be the tide and structure funneling bait into an ambush point. Could be related to a moon phase, are the bait spawning? Bass often prefer the safety of darkness is it a night bite? IME simply putting enough time into the spot will reveal what’s happening especially if you can check the structure at low tide there is usually more than meets the eye (observe entire tide cycles). where did the bait go, where did it come from? They often feed when its ideal for them to hunt, and then swim away and come back again on the next tide. Good spots often create ideal hunting conditions where its easy pickings for the bass, and they’ll come back and back again like clockwork. Get up close and personal with the bait and think outside the box, and most importantly put that time in to observe what’s happening!