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  1. Chrome, Pro V1
  2. Is there anything left?
  3. I’m in
  4. Got the Shimano Sedona 1000 damn good reel for the $$$
  5. It’s new style, spinning.
  6. Rod is 50/50 split.
  7. I’m interested in that. What kind of condition? Can you please post a pic?
  8. No thanks I have 2 of those.
  9. 5000 size reel for saltwater, 2500 size reel for freshwater. 7ft rod. Just no plugs I have plenty.
  10. I’m in, thanks Kevin
  11. Subs...White Oak Market in SSP Breakfast sandwich... 3 C’s Whoever said that pizza place Nino’s next to grumpys....ehh I guess if you like cardboard and ketchup
  12. I’m in for a $20 again