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  1. Looking to get rid of these reels, dont use them much, ones a Abu Garcia 5500 c3 ultracast bearings upgraded, also have a Quantum 1420 Classic MGC both i would rate in 95% cosmetically, and 100% mechanically condition. looking for 60 for both or 35 for the abu and 25 for the quantum.
  2. last seasons dressed out 193 15 pt one in the backround dressed out 211 8pt for some reason i dont have any full body shots of them on my computer i will try to see if i can find them
  3. anyone have any? i am looking to purchase either one or a couple i have some stuff to trade (lures, reels etc etc.) i cant seem to find them anywhere and i here they work very well.
  4. would you do an even trade for a penn 712z or a daiwa long cast x?
  5. shimano sold to fishheadric pending payment thanks sol!
  6. i can do 65 shipped i dont take paypal is MO ok?
  7. dad was going to work one morning and he stopped at a red light and looked to the car next to him and he said the guy was playing a trumpet. i told him that wouldent suprise me.
  8. hey bassadana, how much would you let one of those cracks go for? what size are they comparable to a penn a 706?
  9. bumpity bump bump
  10. reduce everyting by 5$
  11. sold to RCazakoff thanks sol
  12. i would do 60 but i dont have a paypal account. is money order ok?
  13. como'n guys i want to get rid of these.