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  6. Thanks Billy, I just sprayed coffee all over the kitchen.
  7. I do keep my shot of mono outside of the tiptop. I like to use an albright to make the connection. Not a big fan of using a swivel, just one less possible failure point.
  8. I use both the SU and SW1209 in a spiral to jig at the ditch. Both matched up to 7000 Rockets with 65# braid. I don't use a shocker, but do run 3' section of 40# mono to break off before I leave 100 yards of braid on the botom. 5 years now using spirals in the ditch and not a single regret. Do get quite a few people looking at my rods and thinking i'm just not right....
  9. Mike, do you remember how far out your set the 25mm stripper on that dual set up, and number of guides you used? Thanks Bob
  10. Ginrin and Plat both have it.
  11. Billy, the diamond stuff works and looks great. But as Sudsy stated, it's expensive, needs some type of adhesive, and DOES NOT SHRINK as much as directions say it does. Shrinkage is 30 to 40% tops. I also wasted a length the first time I used it. But once you get the shrinkage down it works nicely. This also does not shrink as fast and easy as regular heat shrink, be careful not to overheat the blank.
  12. I got my eyes on the mailbox... Can't wait to toss that puppy in May when the big gals arrive. Sweet job on the scale and color. It's gonna work just fine.
  13. If you like the way a rod handles when it is spiral wrapped, then you will like it just as much on a surf stick. It will not give you increased casting distance, but then again it dosen't really hurt it either. (if done properly) I have used the O'Qinn method to spiral most of my surf sticks and haven't turned back. I have played around with the bumper method, but never got the results I have from the gradual transition of the O'Quinn. Play around with it a little if you want, just tape them on and go for a test cast. The worst thing that can happen is some guy will come up to you and ask you if you kow all your guides are twisted.
  14. Mark, Great blank you got there. I have one sprial wrapped and just love it. Lami's rating on that blank (4-10oz) was greatly exaggerated though, 3-5oz is more realistic. I am not a fan of the dual purpose setup. I just never feel comfortable with the rod when i'm using it because I know I would have set it up differently if it was just a spinner or conventional. Things like length of butt, type of seat, and distance to stripper guide all make a huge difference. My suggestion is to decide if you would rather have it conventional or spinner and build it one way. Also take a look at the Fuji Alconites, the BMNAG's are a great upgrade from the BNLG's. That is a beautiful blank, take your time and build it right, you'll be loving it for a long time to come.
  15. Got them this time.