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  1. Found some,thanks fellas..
  2. they have discontinued these and I have a broken set and prescription lense..I would rather not start from scratch.. anybody have some with broken,ssratched or delaminated lense or just retired them..i need the frames..
  3. Thanks anyway,,good luck on the sale..
  4. 706 and diawa for 2-nib 706 green spools?? we both eat shipping??
  5. 706 still avalible??
  6. cash price on x raps??
  7. Hey bill, you need a commission lon his sales, this is good stuff here.
  8. anybody???
  9. anybody have 1 they are willing to part with??????
  10. baitgirl, your loking hot in your profile pic..:bigeyes:glad you figuired it out..
  11. neildiamond,,who made those rollers?? seen them on another dudes reels here.. where can i get a couple???
  12. i've never seen one so tight it needed pressed in. i've always just slide the bearing in the roller, put the sfaft in the correct direction and used a little force to put the cover on, usually tapped back in place with the end of a screwdriver. i've used an aftermarket roller. is it a penn roller???
  13. gotta love the powder coated reels,, a couple of mine..
  14. Kinda,sorta. been lookin for one for cobia jiggin..if you ever want to get rid of it, you know where i hang out....
  15. no problem rob,, aint this the second time in like a couple of weeks????