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    Love to fish have 3 kids going upstate
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  1. I have it with the squid skirt. It's about 3/4 ounce I will find it in a day or two and post a pic. I did try it once from the surf was a little hard to cast with the wind in my face . Would be great for the hudson river or a calm day.
  2. I would use Devcon 2 ton epoxy. Not the 5 min one it takes about 4 hrs to harden and about full 24 hrs to cure. My friends have some rods 25 to 30 yrs old they used on reel seats and grips some of the rebuilds are hard to do. Those old varmac reel seats and devcon become one. After we cut the grips of a whole lot at sanding going on never seen or heard of any type of issue with that epoxy. Good luck. Don
  3. You want to do 50 on the 4600 I don't need but want it. It's so small I have a 5500 should be a good fluke bay reel. If so I'll take it paypal or what ever you like. Thanks Don
  4. Closing this thanks
  5. I'll take it as long as it's straight and properly stored. I live in queens maybe meet up Sun or Mon
  6. Loved my explorer sport 2 door so high off the ground what a beast on the beach or 3 feet of snow. I really wish that lady didn't blow that stop sign smh. Got 3 times what I paid for it Still wasent worth it there are no more real good 4x4's anymore
  7. Still looking
  8. Osch any luck with any thread?
  9. That dark blue a light blue red and a green
  10. I'll take whatever you got some of your doubles. Black, blue that neon red or orange
  11. I have 1 regular purple and a burgundy
  12. A silver metallic would be nice I'm pretty set on the others but if you have a different shade of green blue or red than what XP has I would be interested NCP nonmetallic. I want to be able to do some shading. I have all those colors in metallic and a couple of regular colors also like yellow,orange a dark green,Brown ,biege and I have a light blue. Thanks D size would be ok a works too
  13. Thanks DG but you really responded first . But no sweat either way no troubles.
  14. Hi Dan I'm in need of red,blue,green,black,purple in different shades. A neon or two would be good. Looks like xp has some of what I need. How much xp I'd take 6 or 7 of the big ones
  15. I love mine fished it hard this year went on 3 or commercial trips also caught monster Silver eels 17 or 18 lb dog fish, stray Pollock and a couple of cod. No real monster tog biggest maybe in the 7 or 8 lb range. Held up beautifully awesome drag nice and smooth. I compared it to my to my friends Saltiga the only difference I see externally is the spool lock. I never opened it up yet. She wanted something different inside. I have the 6:4:1 ratio I just real up a little slower. Can't wait to use it next year. I have 50 lb J braid and a 50 lb fluorocarbon Top shot