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    Love to fish have 3 kids going upstate
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    Fishing,Hot Rods,Knives
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    N.Y.S DOT Safety inspector
  1. Are you looking to fish from a boat or the surf
  2. Money sent thanks. Ed
  3. Hey buddy can you 125$ paypal
  4. I'll take it call you soon. Thanks Bruce
  5. That would be perfect. I work in far rock every Wednesday by the 70's and beach channel drive. Thank diesel
  6. Queens NY would meet up in a fair distance.
  7. Hi everyone I'm looking for flat bank sinker molds from 6 to 16 oz let me know thanks. Maybe a pot and laddle also.
  8. They look like this
  9. One more shot
  10. Bump it up
  11. Good morning I'm looking for some S&S bucktails from 1 to 6 oz the ones with big eyes.Thanks let me know looking for 10 or a dozen diff sizes. Thank.you.
  12. I havent fished the saltist just yet. It is much more norrow than the fathom.
  13. Im going to keep theae and them to my son. To loose.lol
  14. Bought these never opened most likely I will never use em. $25 shipped or trade for rod building stuff
  15. Yes