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  1. Maybe the top of the metal belt loop clip in back it's steel should be big enough for a rivet or small bolt. When I get home later I'll take a pic of the back clip.
  2. It even locks the pliers on the way in the stealth so need to bother with that
  3. It's called hold Zit. Really good never fell.out like rubber material
  4. I got mine here on fishbones knifes. Nice holds well.
  5. I might have one. I know I have a 3.6 when I get home tonight I'll check
  6. I have this one I used it about 2 times since I bought it. I threw 8 and bait np
  7. You can go by the crossbay bridge there's a parking lot and way less traffic in the back. Lots of guys launch kayaks there. Most traffic is for the marinas there the pumpkin patch has shallow water but like someone said earlier water clarity is almost non existing.
  8. There the only place I ever found TD jigs it's the best diamond jig I have ever used caught hundreds of bass on them. Wish they made 6 oz also maybe someone will make a mold. Thank God I bought a few extra couple years ago. This place was always a stop during a winter cabin fever buying hoard. Along with Donart and sea aisle.
  9. Yeah the ads are a pain in the arse and gets frustrating I don't know how many times I won a new phone lol. It's no real biggie just clear out the screen and do it again. Small price to pay, I have learned many of things through the years here. I also bought a bunch a stuff I didn't need lmao. Thanks SOL.
  10. I'll take em paypal.pm me thanks
  11. I have used berkley pro spec for years now cause of a friends recommendation. I have used it for blackfish with 16 oz sinker and a dropper for a snafu. I have also used it as a leader for bass and was never disappointed. Maybe you got a fake Chinese batch or it was stored in a hot place that will make it weak..
  12. I have 2 of these one doesn't engage 10% of the time $40 bucks shipped for the pair. I used these for fluking. Caught a 15 lbs blue and one of them and that's why the one has an engaging problem 1 out of 10 times. The other is perfect The good one has fresh braid pretty sure it's 14lb fireline.
  13. Hi guys thanks for all the replies I have a 9 ft mojo MSS90MM2 10 -20 3/4 to 4oz that I bought here some years ago that I didn't really use. I thought I remember this rod being to stiff but after playing with it when I got home from work I think it might work out to be ok. I will try it and open another thread if it's not good for my needs thanks again everyone for the help.
  14. Morning guys, looking for a decent surf rod that can throw. .5 to 3 oz looking to bucktail for fluke and schoolies from the shore. Something that can handle an sp minnow once in awhile and a 20 lber if it happens. Lol Not really looking to go over $125 or so. Thanks
  15. Thanks Stu I'm going to close this up got lucky my friends knows someone in a scrap yard picked up 536lbs yesterday. Thank you everyone.