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    Love to fish have 3 kids going upstate
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  1. Still looking
  2. Osch any luck with any thread?
  3. That dark blue a light blue red and a green
  4. I'll take whatever you got some of your doubles. Black, blue that neon red or orange
  5. I have 1 regular purple and a burgundy
  6. A silver metallic would be nice I'm pretty set on the others but if you have a different shade of green blue or red than what XP has I would be interested NCP nonmetallic. I want to be able to do some shading. I have all those colors in metallic and a couple of regular colors also like yellow,orange a dark green,Brown ,biege and I have a light blue. Thanks D size would be ok a works too
  7. Thanks DG but you really responded first . But no sweat either way no troubles.
  8. Hi Dan I'm in need of red,blue,green,black,purple in different shades. A neon or two would be good. Looks like xp has some of what I need. How much xp I'd take 6 or 7 of the big ones
  9. I love mine fished it hard this year went on 3 or commercial trips also caught monster Silver eels 17 or 18 lb dog fish, stray Pollock and a couple of cod. No real monster tog biggest maybe in the 7 or 8 lb range. Held up beautifully awesome drag nice and smooth. I compared it to my to my friends Saltiga the only difference I see externally is the spool lock. I never opened it up yet. She wanted something different inside. I have the 6:4:1 ratio I just real up a little slower. Can't wait to use it next year. I have 50 lb J braid and a 50 lb fluorocarbon Top shot
  10. Thanks for the reply Dan let me take a look I thought that some one would have a bunch to get rid of if they got out of rod building.Happy New year by the way. Let you know a little later when I check.
  11. Any one else??
  12. Works for me brother just wanted a time frame. Thanks again.. ttyl Sat
  13. Ok thanks hopefully in the next few days..?
  14. Sounds good can you post any pics when you get a chance Thanks osch
  15. Hello everyone been rod wrapping a few years now and I'm in need of some thread looking for some older stuff let me know what you have . Could use between 10 to 20 spools depending on the price no variegated or trimmar I have plenty. Thank you Don