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    Love to fish have 3 kids going upstate
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  1. Get the fiber ones with a little grease I have about 20 Newell’s they are bullet proof and you’ll get about 14 lbs of drag which is plenty for any kind of fish you’ll catch take care. Don
  2. That Newell would never snap any kind of lever . Lol good luck with the sale
  3. I’ll take it for asking I’ll pm you thanks.
  4. Thanks Dave pm On the way.
  5. Thanks for the reply Raider
  6. I’ll take it pm you.
  7. How much for the Shimano Justa?
  8. Looking for a Shimano or other 2500 size bait runner reel in the $50 to $75 price range. Thank you for looking.
  9. Ok $35
  10. Good deal hard to get 4:1 ratio the gears are $75 good pick up
  11. Can you do $30 instant PayPal? Thanks
  12. I’ll take the hard baits for $45 shipped PayPal if still avail. Thanks
  13. Thanks Marty You can stuff the flat rate with what ever fits no weight restrictions. Pm me your paypal info. Take care
  14. I'll take the 8 crippled herring lot for $50 shipped paypal.
  15. Me and my boy this is my little one the big one is in college and has 2 jobs impossible to get him out.