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  1. Oh sorry. Any 3/4 ~ 1 1/4 bullets or smiling bills. Raw is preferred. I’ll powder coat and tie them myself.
  2. 3/4 oz white no live bait jig heads for the 8” baits.
  3. Bumping this up. Also willing to trade for untied unpainted bucktail jigs
  4. Here are the belly pictures of the needle Correct. Checked it in a caliper at .052
  5. I can take them today
  6. Found these two in the bottom of a bunch of inherited tackle. needle is 2.8 oz rigged, swimmer is 1.6 oz rigged
  7. 8” 3/4 oz jig heads new in package. $20 picked up in central jersey
  8. What are you guys using for shadow boxes / displays? I’d like to have some plugs out that I have sentimental attachment to out and have them look good
  9. I’m pretty my b sold, the only other contender is the high end odm but the one year warranty scares me
  10. What brands of pearl white do you guys seem to have the most success with?
  11. Thats what I'm worried about. I want to be able to get down to about an ounce for sp's but also be able to throw some larger pencils/metal lips approaching 3oz. Its alot to spend on a rod for it to feel like a broomstick.
  12. What are everyones thought on this rod. Im debating purchasing but am wondering if its worth the money to have the 15 year warranty, vs something like an ODM which might be a little more on the cutting edge of technology albeit with a one year warranty. It will predominantly be a rod for early season in back throwing 3oz plugs and smaller.