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  1. Cool. Sending you a pm with the details.
  2. $100 and we meet between New Brunswick and where you are. Maybe around robbinsville/bordenrown area
  3. 30 shipped to nj? or meet up within reason
  4. I’m firm at 600
  5. Sorry, a bit too low. I’m selling this to help finance the purchase of a new 25
  6. I actually have no idea I bought it second hand.
  7. I’ll ship but it would be ups insured. I don’t trust the mail service with something of this value Buyer would pay actual insurance. I could subsidize it a little.
  8. Reel is smooth comes with power handle. Comes with box and bag, reel will come with a bare spool. Serviced at grumpys over the winter, went to zeebaas today and passed the dunk tank test. Reel foot is faded from black to gold. $650 located in 08850 Milltown NJ.
  9. Stopped at the shop today, customer service was incredible. Can’t speak highly enough about them.
  10. Anyone deal with them since Covid started? I was working with them for parts back in March and they were super responsive but that was all pre mandated shutdown. I know they are back in the office, I shot them a call, email, and text over the last two weeks and haven’t heard anything back. Need a couple parts for a different reel.
  11. I have a 700 I’m looking to move. $200
  12. Posted the spool pictures
  13. Trade for my 27 spool listed in the other thread?
  14. I have a 27 I might look to move. You happen to have a 25?