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  1. Just opened registration today at six AM, you can go to kayak fishing store website, we just registered for camping on Tarmac! Cost was about $56 including a shirt......Jack
  2. You are not far off in price for a used pedal yak, I’m about to put my 2015 Slayer up for sale and assume it is worth perhaps $1300 or so. There are deals out there but most pedal yaks are heavy.....jack
  3. Your weight is off, the older version of which I have the last year made weighs about 54lbs. The new version you are looking at is 71lbs. probably due to the awesome seat. Yes a guy here posts a picture of his trident 13 old version all the time and had , I think four go bad with oil canning on the hull, I have had two trident 11 old versions and a Trident ultra. The ultra and my current trident 11 just spent two years upside down on a rack in a shipping container while I recovered from a tough surgery and then building a house , both look great no deforming perhaps I was lucky. Current hulls are different and have a narrower rod pod, BUT there is a world of difference between 54 lbs and 71lbs both of which I assume include the seat as I weighed mine with seat at 53 pounds holding it on the bath scale......jack
  4. Riddle glad you are ok, experiance has served you well.
  5. Helping around the house is tough, Son in law was catching keeper stripers (3) at Raritan, my mind just was not on hanging curtains!....Jack
  6. PS: My photo in my post is me in Salem harbor in late August, with dry pants, dry top and booties on, just light layers under but was not hot and was prepared to go swimming if needed!.......Jack
  7. What we are all saying is waterproof socks and low shoes don't work to keep water out , simply because they are not tall enough, the tall boots or water proof boots will work to their height , which really isn't tall enough. If your kayaking in water below fifty degrees now and are not dressed for flipping you should rethink your choice of clothing. You should have at least waders, or dry pants with booties to kayak now, and dry top. We have all learned the hard way, my first feeble attempt was real dry pants , without booties and with waterproof socks, I still have them and am willing to send them if you want to give it a go. I wear dry pants with booties, NRS paddle boots and a separate gasket dry top the connects to the dry pants, and wear the pants pretty long into the year. No fish is worth the money saved on a proper dry suit setup.......Jack
  8. No he wanted to at the front or rear but kept going to the side. What ever ypu pick it has to be anle to release the anchor line in a hurry if something like debris or trash bag catches on your anchor line, kayak goes under really quick. Do you have the anchor line to the very front and rear of yak?....jack
  9. Welcome to the plastic Navy, good judgement on starting in with short boat and budget to see if you get a feel for the sport.....Jack
  10. Nice ride, I love the color, have a good time be safe and practice reentry before going out in the bays.....jack
  11. When your friends and family put you in the ground!!.....62, new heart valve, repaired tendon, bad back, weak knees and weak mind, but still going strong!.....jack
  12. Here’s a thought, using your VHF radio on FM band to listen to music while fishing sounds ok, unless it causes a drain on the battery of something you might need in an emergency. I have never felt the need to listen to music while fishing, I just consider it a distraction.....Jack
  13. Shark, I’ve had my tires down 55psi all around no alarm or low tire pressure light came on....Jack
  14. My 2017 f-250 super crew gvw 10,000, door jamb sticker is 60 front 65 rear, I run at 57 front and 60 rear, tow a lot of various generators, tows like a champ for a gas engine and first set of factory tires getting thin at 53,000 miles. I work for a very large material company and go across stone scales truck is usually at about 7,400 lbs...depending if it is after lunch or not.....Jack
  15. Bantis is right about the hazards of anchoring and need for anchor, I stopped carrying an anchor a long time ago, I usually troll or drift....... also don’t limit yourself to a small 10ft kayak, buy used, I have four yaks and the shortest and lightest is a 11’ Ocean Kayak Trident at 54lbs. , my other paddle kayak is an Ocean Trident Ultra 14’, which performs so much better then the 11 in the bays. Kayakers in the salt are in the 12’ to 14’ range for the most part......Jack