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  1. Son in laws aren’t too bad when they set ya up like Jason does for me! Solved two problems, slippery deck and now my name is on kayak! Thanks Jason this is helping to make up for you sleeping with my daughter , THANX!
  2. Thanks Bro! Torn about selling the yak she paddles great , but I have an OK Trident 11 that is my creek runner at 54lbs. The Manta Ray for the bays and the new ride is a Native Slayer 12 paddle yak with lawn chair seat , shipped from factory today! Nothing in the fleet over 68lbs.! Hope to see you at Salem this year!......jack
  3. Bump, probably closing this weekend and going some where else......jack
  4. I loaded a 13’ Slayer (85 lbs.)onto a two inch lifted Suburban. I used the round Yakima bars that have a boat loader inside of the rear one, basically turn a knob and it comes out about 34” or so. The way I loaded and unloaded was to bring the kayak in the cart up to the truck along the side, pull seat and stuff out, I always carried a small carpet rug with rubber bottom. Use rug to get dry pants off, then flip it over rubber side up about three feet from car even with front mirror. I then put bow of kayak on the rubber, un strapped the c-tug cart, grabbed stern of kayak lifted stern and flipping kayak over, hullside up and set on the boat loader bar , left it alone went to bow and lifted it up onto rack. I should mention that I usually threw a quilt on roof of burb where kayak would rest against truck. Sounds complicated but it is fast and easy and no deadlifting and 85 pound 36” wide yaks are something a lot of people can’t do along with getting it over there heads and sliding it on the rack. I must be getting old but it is work, I downsized to a Liquid Logic Manta Ray 12 ( Native Manta Ray twin)at 68 lbs., easily dead lift onto top of suburban from ground, happy as a lark.....jack
  5. What flip n dip said, plus a dented hull can wait go have fun and see how it looks after sitting in sun a bit......jack
  6. Main reason I'm selling ,another kayak is on it's way, only have room for three and she needs to be rode hard and fished, not sitting on a rack!, "Nobody puts baby on the rack"......jack
  7. 2013 Ocean Kayak trident Ultra 4.3 with Ice Pod, this is the first version made by OK New Zealand, has more rocker, and lower seating position then the later ones made in US. Options and addons are, New Zealand anchor trolley, pretty neat trolley line holders, the rod tube to store rods below deck, rear 4" hatch, 3"hatch in rod pod, custom made starboard hatch with OK NewZealand hatch hinge kit, OK New Zealand upgraded seat with seat back (comfortable), Scotty mounts at various locations, Lowrance mark 4 transducer installed. I love this kayak but have been using a lighter pedal drive one for a while, although she is sweet to paddle and the bow picture is not distorted, it is one mean wave riding sharp bow, low riding stabile kayak. Located in Bally,Pa. but I like driving! $700, nuff said......Jack
  8. Looks nice KnewBee, I heard the red outbacks are faster then the other colors, let us know, enjoy the new ride.
  9. Congrats on getting a nice light tandem which weighs less then most guys single yaks. Check out Bending Branches, and Werner websites they all have paddle selectors. Bending Branches is Aqua Bound, I have several Bending branches paddles , tough paddles very light . I started out in a tandem 16’ Wilderness Pamlico a long time ago, heavy yak, I paddled wife around a lot and we also paddled together, I’ve always been a low angle paddler, never had a problem. Most selectors recommend 240 for your wife and 240-250 for you .Do some website research on how to paddle and Paddles, get the lightest you can get, push the budget a bit if needed, you can get pretty light for reasonable money but spend a lot more for just a little bit less weight. Jack and Pat married 39 years and she is still my best friend!
  10. Then only thing would be storage , but seems easy enough to clip on at gunnels, I also see a lot of posts people putting power poles on yaks.....jack
  11. I assume the advantages are no risk of snagging and having to deal with that or losing the anchor, and also not having debris get caught on your anchor line in current. The disadvantages would be storing the pole on yak, and the limited depth of use, I rarely fish in water less then say 8 feet. I had the debris on anchor line happen to me, in a river a heavyweight 55 gallon trash bag wrapped my line and was enough to pull bow of kayak under water, it was real quick, I did not flip and the bag travelled up the line very quick and my anchor pulled free. I no longer carry an anchor, don't miss it and my fishing doesn't need it.....Jack
  12. Just checked not a bad ride, I’ll go the distance!
  13. We’ll figure it out tomorrow, I’m coming from Bally, Pa., 19503. Thanks.....jack
  14. I’ll take it for $250, you drive a little I’ll drive a lot?......Jack
  15. Anyway to confirm the blank is it a 1205 h?, I'm very interested , also where is it located if I decide to pickup? Thank you......Jack