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  1. Ya got some good advice and some not so good. You said Lowrance gave you the waterproof fuse holder and it is no problem to put it in as per their instructions. Put it in. 1.) It should be on the battery side of the disconnect plug, to protect anything from shorting battery when it’s disconnected. 2.) Fuses will blow and do when sized to the fish finder load, they will also blow if you reverse polarity and save the finder. 3.) There is a pile of draw on the circuit when shorted, easily enough to put a hole in any plastic it is touching. A shorted 12 volt circuit will melt the copper wire of your circuit or fail the battery. 4.) I use fuses and have blown them, and I know just enough about electric to be dangerous. 5.) The fuse holder adds three more points of failure to circuit. 6.) Or just don’t bother. There I feel better, enjoy that new yak......Jack
  2. Using the four rudder mount inserts sounds like a creative idea, could probably work even with the bottom of stern, going in rough water might be an issue if stern comes out of water a lot. Congrats on your purchase a lot of people really like that basic lean mean machine! One lesson you should learn which is the hardest, is don't go nuts buying everything and putting it on your yak, use it for a while and see what you actually need, stuff just adds more work to loading up and adds weight. Welcome to the plastic Navy!....Jack
  3. That’s tough, I imagine at the finish there is a lot of celebrating and commotion , one cramp and you could be in trouble. I used to do the Potomac river swim as an escort boat, one boat to five kayakers each with a swimmer. We has several assists but worse part was trying to get attention of the large fishing boats coming in on auto pilot. RIP
  4. I hate recommending anything, and know you are yakking on lakes I’m not far from. I fish salt but am hours away but absolutely love my Liquid Logic Manta Ray 12. Hull weight is around 70lbs. Which is a lot lighter then a lot of options out there, standable and paddles easily for a wide yak. It is basically a stripped down Native Manta Ray, but I wanted to customize to my needs, and car topping is easy. Also no one recommended the Hobie Compass, which is a light wide yak, that I would have my list of options. I have not fished any of lakes you mentioned but drive by Merrill on my way to some of our plants. I would consider letting you try my yak if you need to. I usually use one of my paddle yaks at lakes with heavy weed lines, but the seat on the LL yak is spoiling me......Jack
  5. If your in a kayak and there are power boats on a lake, pond, river, creek or really big pool a flag is a great idea and takes a second to put on boat. Camo kayaks are great for duck hunting (my family hunts from yaks) but are really not visible on any body of water. If you are going out in the dark in morning hours you should and usually are required to have a light, just stick a flag on it. I have no problem having a ghey flag on my yak.....jack
  6. Good deed there PKSURFISH way to pass it on!.....jack
  7. I didn’t know the mirage drive is great in the weeds that is a huge plus, not so sure about standing to fish in a revo, might have to go wider like you said......Jack
  8. Using a gifted honey Lami that is from about 1965, been rebuilt three times since I have it....Jack PS: you don’t have to be old to be old school!
  9. I use a 10.5 2-6oz and the heavy spinning which is I think 8-16oz in surf, for few years now like them.
  10. I replied to your WTB post, price is pretty steep, but I need to capitalize on the opportunity, agree to terms and I'll ship it your way......Jack
  11. Green, I got this, but there is a cost.....you cover the shipping from Bally Pa. to NJ, and you just have to pass on a good deed to a fellow kayaker sometime, believe me you'll feel great! Cover is basically unused from a 2013 first generation 4.3 Ultra, which is an awesome ride! I'll see ya on the water sometime my friend........Jack PS: Do not let word get out I'm a nice guy, I have a reputation to live down to!
  12. PM me your address, I'll reply to your WTB post.......jack
  13. I'll take care of ya greeny!........Jack
  14. Did you try ocean kayak? I have a 4.3 , which has some OK New Zealand parts on it, I didn't use my reversible hatch but made one, and have the other laying around somewhere, I might part with it, but am considering selling my 4.3 and new owner might want it.....Jack
  15. Don’t like the new fad of high seats but was worried about geometery of lowering on a pedal yak. Dropped front 2.5” and rear 1.5”, not huge but yak felt better and have not had issues with pain or performance while pedalling. I can still drop rear another inch and probably will. This required some welding on front, I had to take it to a welder, I’m an electrician and for us sparks are bad! I had two yaks a Native Slayer and Liquid logic Manta Ray, I set up my nephew Mike( aka“Rib Tickler”) with the slayer with the New Manta Ray seat and modified the slayer seat, that’s why there are two different seat covers. First two are the before, followed by lowered......jack