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  1. Yes, it was Evan I talked to, and Randy wants a new one oh well! I talked to Evan again after sending you messsge, who lnows Randy still might bite ,your yak is awesome and upgraded pretty much, sweet deal.....jack
  2. I gotta guy, you know well, he is YED, was at Salem with you, out fishes us both (not hard)....we was hanging today and the dude goes like, "Yo, I'm gonna buy Al's yak when he sells it", I say "Wow dat's just gnarly, it's fir sail, U bin sew beze wit ur kid Oliver end slaying anyding dat swims you donut talk two da wild Korean yakker!" Send him an e-mail Al, if you don't know who I am talking about yet, then I feel sorry for you! Love ya bro!......jack
  3. Glad you are ok and thanks for posting it, if just one guy thinks about it, it could be a life saver!.....jack Nice photo, the future of fishing right there!
  4. Put the Hobie Revo 13 on your list, and compare to the outback, a lot lighter, almost a paddle yak. I have a native propel Manta Ray I love but I think you have it narrowed down enough already. I love paddling and have a couple nice OK paddle yaks, but take the pedal drives fishing. Good luck.....Jack
  5. It is that way it Pa. also, it's powered ,different registration. I'm surprised no on has decided to make money off the registration of pedal drive yaks, give them time!.....Jack
  6. I’ll take it for $100, pay cash will pickup......Jack
  7. Can I see a picture of base, I’m coming from near Allentown, Pa. and is the table flipped? Thanks, Jack.
  8. I have a concern with rescue ladders or loops, if your foot or leg goes through the loop or rungs now you are potentially tied to the kayak with your leg being held up. I am all for a rope always tied to yak, to grab it or flip it. My first time practicing to reenter my first kayak was a disaster, came home watched videos and went out with a plan, no problem. When flipping always stop and think first, right the kayak, put your hands on the near side gunnels, let your legs float up and kick as hard as you can while pushing your hands down to your waist, then grab for the other side to finish. After practicing it is very easy, I use a OK Trident Ultra and Liquid Logic Manta ray propel, the kayaks with drives should be easier to right as I just grab the propel drive and flip it over. You have to be able to get back in your kayak in the fall, if not take the boat out. I’ve flipped a couple times the practice made it almost no thought! Just remember gather your thoughts first, get in kayak and then if conditions permit gather whatever is floating nearby. ......jack
  9. Thanks Riddler good stuff!
  10. Aw....ya gotta go ,it will be fun, of course your three day trip, will only be a half day ride, but you will save all that packing of the camping stuff.
  11. No one biting here, contact NEKF, I believe there was a waiting list of people waiting on camp sites. I had to do that last year with my heart valve replacement, they handled the guy sending me a check, but I did loose that campsite this year.....jack
  12. Naw, can't make Salem, his dad has to go back to work.
  13. The future is my grandson Eli Zulli, remember the name you will hear it again, he doesn't care about pedaling, wave size, brands of PFDs, fish finders, rigs or even if he looks good in his floaty bracing for a killer wave.....he just wants to go! His nickname is Meatball, and if you notice a small rope on the front of his kayak, that is not to pull him, that is to hold him back, he just goes! Can he fish, watch for upcoming video soon, but first day of trout season, he out fished uncle Evan! Eli flubbed a cast and the worm was laying on the ground next to him....no matter , he put his rod down, picked up the worm tossed it in and was on before he could pick up his rod, all the time seasoned veterans are standing by him getting skunked, with their mouths hanging open! Four years old an kicking my butt fishing already , I love it!.....Jack