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  1. I was just glad I hooked him in the lip and could get unhooked and back in the water easily. I have tried them before and they are a surprisingly good eating fish. Got two of these as well.
  2. Not what I was looking for this morning.
  3. On a yellow Danny
  4. I've always just used syringes to measure it by volume, mix it well and have had very few problems with etex.
  5. I used the Ahrex Bluewater 3/0 for teasers, they do corrode, my first experience with them was they started turning dark within two weeks of daily use and multiple fish contact. I will say that they were not rinsed off with freshwater after use. The teaser shown has accounted for quite a few fish and was put away for the season in January. I like the hook design for what I use them for, they are sharp and hold a fish well.
  6. plug building

    I don't produce large numbers of plugs, a 3/4 inch skew and 3/4 inch roughing gouge works for me, then finish with sandpaper. I use Sorby as well.
  7. You can have them, they have been sitting in a box of rod parts in my basement since the late 80's, if I haven't used them yet most likely I won't be using them at all. PM me your address and I'll ship them out this week.
  8. Is this what you are looking for? These are a little over 6.5 inches long, one on the right has 3/4 inch inner diameter, the other two about 1/16 inch less.
  9. While not getting skunked this morning.
  10. Never cared much for jointed plugs but this one gas been working for me.
  11. Some divers, 6 inches long, 2.2 oz.
  12. Thanks, tough to tell which plug, most of mine that I fish are just plain white. It was the small Danny, water conditions were perfect for it.
  13. One this morning, nice to be back on the beach again.
  14. Out of the comfort zone again, two this morning on a diver, then the Blues showed up.
  15. Had to go out of my comfort zone due to weather, one of two this morning, numerous hits and misses, fish were active.
  16. Wire for Fire, I'm with you on the glitter with white plugs, I always lay on some glitter along the sides of the plugs. Just finished these today.
  17. Run away, run away now, there is still time. OK, don't say you weren't warned. Just start reading this forum, every question you could have has been asked and answered many times, and you will find that there are often many ways to solve a problem. This forum goes back to 2001 and there are many, many great builders who got their start here. As others will tell you, use the search feature when you have a question. You may want to start off with a plug building kit just to get acquainted with all the steps in the process and then start buying the tools you need.
  18. One in the surf this morning,