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  1. What Sudsy said, but you really could say the entire Monmouth County coast and all the great jetties.
  2. Thanks Phil, no boulder fields by me, pretty much no fish either. Have to wait for the fall now.
  3. Been a dismal season for me so far, very few fish and all small. One of two this morning on a 5 inch swimmer.
  4. Nice Ed, hope some of those make it into your trade bucket.
  5. Nice batch of swimmers you got there Lonellr
  6. I'll take it for asking price.
  7. Gremlin, EddieG, and Extreme Fisherman, great work, lots to look at and inspire the rest of us on this forum. Good job guys.
  8. Thanks EddieG, I try to match the tail to the plug body as close as possible, I think it looks better in the water that way.
  9. Thanks guys, Ed, I saw a forsythia blooming today also, need that water to get a bit warmer. I'll probably have quite a few in the "giveaway/trade" box this year.
  10. Nice plugs everyone. A few last swimmers before its time to take them fishing, 5.5 inches, 1.8 oz.
  11. Nice stuff there, what kind of wood is that for the squids?
  12. Thanks guys. Extreme Fisherman, great stuff you are putting out there.
  13. Wow some great looking work on this page by all, especially like those bunker surfsters E.F. Here are some new ones, 6 inch needles at 1.2 oz., and 6.5 inch slim Dannies at 2 oz.
  14. I would seal it and take it for a swim rigged with hooks with the different lips and see what works the way you want, and I would try a Pikie #1 on it as well.
  15. I was having some of those problems with E-tex when I used createx paints, especially the pearl paints (there is a thread on this), have pretty much ended it by spraying a matte finish clear coat over the painted plugs before applying the epoxy. As others have said, don't touch the plugs with your hands once the painting process starts, use syringes to measure, mix well, I mix in a cup and count to 400. When I am done mixing I pour the mix on to a sheet of aluminum foil, blow on surface with a straw to burst the air bubbles and then apply with a brush, and then when I do a check on spinning plugs some tiny flying insect has found its way on to one of the plugs.