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  1. Still a few fish around in the August NJ surf.
  2. First keeper sized bass of the year for me on the flaptail, released.
  3. Thanks Ed, I'm starting to like the flaptail Danny.
  4. This morning they liked the white danny, both small and flaptail versions.
  5. With E-tex I always use 2 coats but a sharp hook powered by a thrashing fish against epoxy covered wood, the hook always wins. Hook rash is inevitable if you are catching fish. Most guys probably have a completely beat up plug that they will tell you "I caught so many bass on this plug"
  6. First fish on a flaptail Danny this morning. This guy had some dings in his side too.
  7. T_man7, You are not alone I recently tried the System 3 clear coat and it introduced me to a whole new world of epoxy problems. I've been build my own rods since the 80s and have about 10 years into low volume plug building so I'm not a stranger to working with epoxies. I measure with syringes and mix well. I used the System 3 for sealing the plugs as well, it soaks into the wood real well and hardens up like a rock, seems much harder than E-tex. As a top coat its another ball game, after my first batch disaster I needed 3 coats just to make sure there were no dry spots, it seemed like the epoxy did not want to to adhere to a painted surface at all and had zero self leveling properties. Basement temp was about 60 so I think that was a big part of the problem. Second attempt worked out better with a light bulb under the spinner for a warmer environment, still didn't have complete coverage on first coat, second coat still uneven but complete coverage. All the lures are fishable but not something I would show off. Next try I will use lower watt light bulb and let the second coat sit for about 15 minutes before applying to lure to hopefully not move around so much and give me a smoother top coat. Good Luck
  8. Slow spring for me so far, this guy had a pretty good dent in his side.
  9. First fish of the year for me in the surf this morning.
  10. Thanks, I often wondered what that would do.
  11. Kphresh, how does cupping the lip in reverse like that affect the swim?, less roll?
  12. Just offering them up for this trade at the moment.
  13. Have all of them except a Brook Trout, looking to complete the collection, order of preference would be Jointed Danny, Danny, and Giant. Attached pictures are what plugs I have available to trade, The 2 RM Smith Fat Boys are the 2009 SOL Limited edition plugs, the second picture has 2 older run Fixter needles. Would be willing to go 2 of my RM Smiths for a jointed danny Brook Trout. Thanks for looking.
  14. Thanks guys, Wire for Fire a white plug is almost always the first plug out of the bag for me, sometimes I think that if the plug swims good its the only color I need.