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  1. Very nice, pops! Keep up the good fishing. Hopefully I'll see it first hand very soon. Beijos! Love you, Jakelyne
  2. Very nice... I like the colors and texture!! This may be one of your best.
  3. EIther a 44'' King salmon full of eggs that was so heavy I thought I was going tro pop a disc or my 37'' Brown trout I caught in '05 that I est. weighed about 21 pounds. Salt water So far just one 23'' bass about eleventeen snapper blues and a needle fish. Oh well, I'll just have to try harder this year Nick
  4. Me like!
  5. I like the first one Joao... I like how you put the feather on it
  6. Hey guys!! Hasn't my dad made some real headway with his lures?? By the way I got him that shirt for his birthday!! Happy birthday to you, you smell like a monkey and you look like one too... Good job!!! Love you, keep up the good work! - Jakelyne