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  1. It depends on the workload of the of the hull shop.... they may hulls for other models too. I have been out in it 6 times so far ... it has a pay load of just under 700#s ... I maxed it out yesterday and still was able to get 22MPH.... It is a flat bottom so it can slap the water a bit, but FULLY LOADED at max speed it is a dry ride , even in heavy chop. It is a great 16' skiff ...... I'm sure you will enjoy it...
  2. I have had it since mid April .... and you are spot on ... It handles very well... and is a classic style .... and Doug is a straight shooter. King Cod
  3. Take a look at the "Duxbury Dory" (skiff) I'm picking up my new 16' DD w/ a 25 Yamaha electric Start tilt & trim on a new trailer for under $15 k .... It is a budget boat that is family friendly with very low operating costs. No matter what you buy ... ENJOY!
  4. Look at the Duxbury Dory for utility , price and value .... I just bought one .... You could go with a Center Console , boat motor and trailer for unser $15K .... and Doug the owner will customize it any way you want it.... for extra $$$ .... and it has an 8" draft .... I'm picking mine up in April ...
  5. Contact MAD CHEF on this site .... He runs a B&B... He and his bride are fine folks and he may even share some fishing spots with you...
  6. Pappy ... It is comparable to the Strudee Skiff... The Duxbury Dory is about 75 pounds heavier and is well equiped with either a 20 or 25 HP outboard. The Sturdee has a max HP of 25 but the Duxbury Dory transom can handle up to a 40HP .... The 20/25 mtrs on the Duxbury Dory are more than adequate. There is a rental company in Provincetown that powers the Duxbury Dory with a 9.9 HP Mtr and it still planes out with 2 to 3 adults... I like the seating better that the Sturdee and the construction keeps the bottom from flexing .... The Duxbury Dory can be ordered with no wood ...Composit material instead. Hull Mtce is a hose .... Wash it and service the Mtr.... thats' it. Reportedly you can spend an average W/E on abot 6 gal of gas...... and is you run it hard .... Maybe 10 gal.... The cost for the base model with a 20HP manual start Yamaha w/ 3 yr Waranty ( 5yr waranty till March 31st from Yamaha ) and a 5 yr hull waranty from Duxbury Dory sitting on a brand new trailer is just under $10K... You can customize the boat and way you want ... The CC model ( same basic hull ) has the 25HP electric start , with Tilt and trim fully rigged for under $15k... I went to the CC Boat Buliders show yesterday to show the Mrs. the boat "We Bought" .... and after comparision shopping for quality, value and service she was tickled pink... IMHO it is a great Boat for a great price.... and the Owner Doug is a decent guy and easy to deal ... He is living his dream making and selling boats... You can Google the Boat and check out the website ...The site is not real fancy.... pretty straight forward .... with only 2 basic pages ... but if you want fancy advertizing instead of a solid boat .... you can go elsewhere ... and it will be included in the price ... as we all know .... nothing is free. Best of luck with your search.. King Cod
  7. Thanks ... This is the boat that I can handle alone or with others ... I'm retired and have a ton of interests ... it is also affordable to run, and maintain. I wish I could have a bigger boat but people in hell want ice water!! It is pretty beamy and stable... but its' flat bottom probably won't handle well in the open ocean... It is a near shore / bay boat.... BFT would be fun... but not likely to be in the cards.
  8. The 6th Annual Boatbuilders Show on Cape Cod will be held February 10 to 12 at the Resort and Conference Center at Hyannis.
  9. Boat, Motor ( yamaha 20 hp manual start ) and trailer, all with a 5yr waranty $9,995.00 includes a gas tank. I paid a little more for the light package and electric start w/ tilt and trim ... You can get it customized to include a CC... and a 25 hp mtr ....The 25 HP weighs 50# more so you loose some of what you gain. The base package for 10K is a great deal. You can go to the Duxbury Dory website and check them out ... Doug is the owner... and is easy to deal with... He is a pretty nice guy.
  10. The Sturdee has a plywood transom .... and is lighter .... The Sturdee is rated for a 25 HP and while a 20/25 will push the Duxbury Dory but the transom is rated up to a 40 ... I have seen both .... and I think that the Duxbury Dory is a stronger boat ... for only 75 additional pounds. I'm tickled pink with my purchase .... Doug the owner is fair and doesn't try to BS you...
  11. I'll be picking up a new Duxbury Dory in early April. Picture is included...
  12. Thanks .... It is even better in person ....
  13. Thanks .... I'm hoping you will accompany me fishing from time to time.... Capt. Jay
  14. [ATTACHMENT=4423]dory1.jpg (10k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT] I ordered a new 16' Duxury Dory yesterday. It is 15'7" overall with a 76" beam and weighs 475#s and will be powerered with an electric start 20HP yamaha with tilt and trim (131#s). The hull will be equiped with running lights. It can be ordered with a CC ..... but I stayed with a straight skiff.... It is a hell of a boat at the pricepoint.
  15. Nice Fish:D