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  1. What do you mean by " standard transducer " ???
  2. Yes if the Alberto knot failed it was tied incorrectly...... sometimes easy to do in the heat of the moment try to get back to catching fish.
  3. Great pics your lucky to have a child to share your passions with!!!
  4. @ 31" wide you have no worries about tipsiness.... You should be able to stand and sight fish from it.....
  5. Not a bad alternative to mounting it that way, just gives you another option.
  6. Father and son fishing that's awesome.... Best of luck with the new yak!
  7. SM (star mag)Un-upgradeable ABEC-7 Ceramic spool bearings. Unique Frameless Design SM is a fully machined aluminum reel featuring all of the elements you would expect in a top shelf product. Tech Specs: Innovative design - eliminating the need for cross bars. Low profile chassis. Free floating spool producing optimum acceleration and minimal resistance. Capacity - over 300 yards 20# mono. Casting weight from 3-16oz’s. Counter balanced crank arm Weight 16.5 oz Spool shoulder designed for improved thumb control ABEC-7 Boca Ceramic orange seal spool bearings MASSIVE 316 stainless steel main gear 6:1 gear ratio. Blazing fast retrieval speed Stacked Smoooth carbon fiber and stainless steel drag washers. 5+1 system Huge Drag = Fish fighting power! Tournament inspired, fully adjustable mono-magnetic cast control system. This is The Release SM Reel a lot of people are looking forward to it as reel to use for surfcasting as it was designed for....
  8. Dude what's with all the polls are you opening a tackle shop or something????
  9. Rid, As pointed out that map is compressed and Raritan Bay is kind of featureless It has a lot of great channels to fish and that is the key structure. The T&W will work but not like it does in your waters, it works well from NY, Conn on up where you have a lot more rock structure, Kelp beds Etc. and bigger tide shifts That has been my experience with using them.
  10. Yes the Stripper was a nice add on to the thread.... so was the plug porn.
  11. Where are the TA poppers????
  12. What a tool... That guy is lucky to be alive and didn't get skewered by that young bull....
  13. Paddle that is the whole purpose of the kayak so you reach deeper water that you can't from shore. It is also good for places you can't acces from a regular boat, think skinny water and back bays as others have said. But if you are just using it to reach spots, and haul your gear to surf cast from thats cool to.