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  1. I have a few light spinning outfits I use for Tog which include Trevala S, St.Croix Premier, and I may have a custom Black Hole 701L built before next fall/winter Tog season rolls around. I also have a used Tsunami slim wave I bought here on BST to test out this season also. It is nice to find a rod in that $100 range that fits the bill but IMHO they are hard to find ,especially if you become a Tog Diva ! Someone just told me about a newer rod from Tsunami called a Carbon Shield II which sells for $109-$119. Its that Nano Carbon stuff which makes for lightweight and strong. It looks promising. I am actually going to take a ride to the B&T shop to check them out . hope this helps & good luck in your search
  2. I was hoping to get some info from the Jersey fisherman on Spring Tog. I only fish the Fall and winter in NY and R.I. so I am not sure if it’s worth it to try a charter out of Brielle NJ or not this time of the year. I have never fished for them this time of the year and not sure it’s worth a 2 hour drive or not. If anyone has any info that would be great. thanks
  3. Hey Pak, I have only fluke fished a few times in the Peconics at GreenLawns but never porgy fished there. I hear the May Porgies are huge . Just curious , I usually anchor and chum for Porgies, by your post it seems like you drift for them . Is that true ? Thanks
  4. All I was saying is Eli was better than a middle of the road QB. Oh btw...durability means a lot in this league ,you guys make it sound like he was just lucky not to miss games. I am sure there were plenty of times in his career that he played through injury and pain. You don’t just amass a consecutive games played record like that without being able to take a hit. It’s also lot easier now a days to stay upright and healthy as a QB also.
  5. I am not a Giant fan by no means but a middle of the road QB does not win two Super Bowls ! Not saying I do , but there are many that consider him a border line Hall of Famer. He is a middle of the road QB at this point of his career, but he clearly was not a middle of the road QB his entire career.
  6. all I can say is wow!, what a game. My son graduated from UNC last year but that Kid Zion from Duke is a freaking beast. The only comparison that comes to mind is maybe a more athletic Charles Barkley. That kid is the real deal, he not only has all the physical attributes , but his instincts are off the charts. It should be a good tournament...bring on the Madness !!!!
  7. I have some jigging world rods but never had one of these in my hands. Just curious, what did you use it for. Is it too heavy for Inshore Blackfish using jigs thanks
  8. Final bump
  9. Final Bump than will list elsewhere
  10. I haven’t watched him take a snap but if there was ever an era in football that he could make it , that time would be now. With that said , I wouldn’t take him in the first round . IMHO, the only reason he appears to be getting considered this high as a draft pick is that it’s not a great QB draft year. He may fall to my lowly Dolphins, not sure if I want him though but he probably would be a step up from Tannehill
  11. I am sure you already know that if you get pulled over for anything and they run your name and d.o.b. your getting hauled in. If your lucky enough not to get pulled over and you make it into Mexico , upon re entry into US you run a risk again. It will cost you more money in the long run if you get arrested than it will to answer those tickets.
  12. It’s a 955 and as of now I am not selling but that could change lol. I will keep you posted if I re list it. I don’t even use it anymore but the one time a year my son fishes with me he likes to use it . Dang kids!!!! I loved Costa Rica but the fishing was a bit slow . We had a few Sailfish and my friend caught a rooster and a Striped Marlin . Inshore caught corvina which we took to a restaurant and it was prepared amazing .
  13. Yes championship game. If you have ever been in a super bowl pool with squares or boxes it’s the same thing .
  14. Thanks , should I post it there if there isn’t one already
  15. Keep you posted fishless