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  1. I guess that depends on what glass your looking through.
  2. Price drop $80 and will deliver on island within reason
  3. My house is in contract so I need to sell this smoker. Its about three years old and always stored in my garage. Works great. I also have a brand new cover for it . $100 Pick up in Long Island
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I find this to be very accurate
  5. I took my 17’ Aquasport over from Stamford to Northport , It’s easy peasy on the right days. Good places to eat and have some cold beverages . I stayed at the town dock which could get crowded in the dead of summer on weekends.
  6. I don’t either
  7. There is the connection with all these police shootings of unarmed black men ....They don’t comply! Period end of story
  8. Thanks for taking the time to give me your suggestions, much appreciated. I will take some pics and post them when I come back.
  9. I like that ! They should do that up here
  10. That was Great ! Thank you for sharing
  11. I will run this by my friends . I have never caught a tarpon or a snook for that matter, it sounds like something that we should definitely experience thank you
  12. Thanks for the solid recommendations I will reach out
  13. I am going to down to the keys with three fishing buddies on March 23 and we are looking to grab a few charters in Isla Mirada, Marathon ,and possibly Key West. We are looking to do some bottom fishing (reef) . If there are other keys that you know that has a good captain that’s fine. We are landing in Miami then driving down ,so we can stop wherever. thanks