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  1. Thanks. I played around with the trailer and boat today with a friend and you were right I had to move the winch post . I also had to move the bunks also but was only able to get the boat to sit above the fender about an inch or so. It actually hit the fender a bit when I put the boat on but when I cranked it up it rested just above the fenders. The weather got a bit crappy and a few boats wanted to come out at the ramp so I dropped the boat back in a drove back to my marina. My friend thought I should get a couple of pieces of 2 x 6’s and bolt them to the existing bunks to get the boat higher above the fenders. What do you think?
  2. Great to hear ; thanks
  3. Let my start by saying that I always kept my boats at marinas and only trailered my last boat a few times and it was a wee 17 ‘CC . I recently bought a 20’ boat that did not come with a trailer so I bought one used a few weeks ago. Only problem is I was more concerned if the boat fit lengthwise that did not realize until yesterday when I measured to see if it would fit in my yard , that from fender to fender it is 8 feet wide and my boat has an 8’6” beam. The trailer is a bunk style. My question is can the boat rest above the fenders and stick out past them by approximately 3 inches each side. I would imagine I have to adjust the bunks anyway because it does not appear the chines would sit right the way it’s currently set up. any insight here would help. thanks
  4. I mainly fish braid now. The drails that I bought have a barrel swivel on one end and a snap swivel at the other. So, it’s braid to drail then I attach a barrel swivel that has 4-5 feet of Flouro 6/0-7/0 hook which I attach to snap swivel end of drail.
  5. Welcome Big Vin I just started using those drails too, they are a bit expensive though.
  6. Duh! thanks
  7. Nick, I have you with Rams, Bears, and Green Bay. What was the fourth team you used already? Can’t seem to locate it on all the threads. thanks
  8. I’m here boys . Let’s stay on this thread for the rest of the way Good Luck All
  9. Not sure I would go that far yet
  10. Thanks Nickd, the same areas that I have been catching short fish lately I will drop down some eels and see what happens
  11. Thanks for sharing your experiences, I can’t wait to give them a try
  12. Thanks, I guess I will give them a try
  13. Does anyone here use live eels during the daytime for bass. If yes , can you specify what region/area you fish. Trying to figure out if it’s a regional thing or not. I was bass fishing the Long Island Sound for years strictly using either live bunker or chunking but I now fish the east end of Long Island and am wondering if it’s worth it to try eels during the day. I was using clams in the spring and did ok and now I have used spots but they are pretty expensive bait. I know eels are good bait at night but I haven’t heard so much about their use during daylight hours.
  14. Pictures and does it come with the box
  15. That about sums it up