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  1. This team is fun to watch , not sure if they are going to win it ,but they sure got some fight in them.
  2. Ok , we will make sure you get credit from your peers
  3. What was she highly accurate on ??? All she nailed was the coffin closed shut on her chance to be the first female President. So you also think that everyone that voted for Trump or supported him had to be either a sexist, homophobic,xenophobic, or an Islamophobic. You clearly smoke a lot 420!
  4. Maybe you should choose yours words better , Hillary used deplorable once and it didn’t end up to well for her either.
  5. Your kidding right
  6. I do feel more accepting though . At least I’m getting lied to by a black, female, gay person. It helps to ease the pain a bit.
  7. So there is a silver lining to this
  8. First time ever in U.S. History that gas prices are $4.00 or over in ALL FIFTY STATES !
  9. I think some people may have different opinions on what’s high end, but as far as light goes, I think it’s tough to beat Daiwa Ballistic LT series
  10. Avenue
  11. You are like the MSM or a defense attorney, you throw **** against the wall and you see what sticks. What would you know about charging a defendant or conducting a criminal investigation. I can tell you first hand that here in NY the D.A. wont entertain a charge that doesn’t have merit and isnt wrapped up like a gift to them with a pretty bow on it. Meaning, as a police officer/detective, you better have a crap load of solid evidence , independent witnesses , I.D.’s , etc etc etc. Translation a slam dunk guilty verdict for the D.A.! So your catch phrase “ Charge Stacking “ is plain bull****. Many crimes these days don’t even get charged, for a slew of reasons. They determine if it’s prosecutable and more importantly, if it’s it winnable. So, your 90% of defendants pleading guilty due to charge stacking is just flat out not true. It is more due to the evidence being overwhelming against the suspect and the offer by the D.A. of CONSIDERABLY less jail time , if ANY, is not worth the risk of going to trial. As far as your concerned, I’m done trying to enlighten, educate, or explain things from a different perspective because it’s impossible for you to see beyond your bias towards the police. You know what they say “ You can’t fix Stupid” Have a nice weekend , I will be moving on.
  12. One more time and try to follow along … an acquittal doesn’t mean a person didn’t do a crime it just means the prosecution didn’t prove their case and the verdict was not guilty . I will borrow one from JoeyZ O.J. Simpson was acquitted, was he *****ing innocent of that crime ! Your the only Seal I would think about clubbing.
  13. I like this! It probably would give the hitter alittle more advantage if they knew they could hug the plate without getting a fast ball to the noggin