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  1. I retired this past October and want to do Panama after I do Costa Rica( Leaving Thursday for C.R.) Please post review on Panama when you get back. My kayak is still in my garage though , haven’t splashed it since I purchased it . Lol Costa Rica is amazing you have to go
  2. Two good/great 70s team along with the A’s Chit, showing my age again
  3. The Giants don’t come to mind as a team that has criminals. Not a GIant fan either. Plaxico comes to mind but that’s quite some time ago
  4. That was freaking hysterical Wishing Mary a speedy recovery as well
  5. Thanks Mark
  6. Hey Bennie , glad you started this it was great thread . Still bored ? Or are you working again
  7. Sorry guys I took some more pics of the reel to post for Marty but I think I am going to keep it for now. If something changes I will let you know. PS Mark I will be fishing in Quepos for 4 days then Los Suenos for three. You interested in any of the Shimanos I have listed
  8. For some reason to me he doesn’t seem to get the recognition as one of the all time greats though. I don’t know why either . This dude is the only player in history to win the MVP in both leagues, over 500 career homers, Triple crown winner (only been done twice more after him). Etc etc etc. R.I.P. Mr Robinson
  9. If you see him please ask him to reach out to me , I am moving my permanent residence out where he lives and would love to pick his brain about the area and stuff.
  10. Where is Marty?
  11. $$$$$ go for it.
  12. I just wanted to give you a perspective of these pork rinds I found . They were obtained from a local B&T at a cost of $20 You seemed to enjoy doing it and it cost you a lot less
  13. So I bought these pork rinds from a local B&T in the Hampton Bays and they supposed to be better than Uncle Josh’s . I think these are double the cost though, $20
  14. Welcome to SOL Congrats on you soon to be retirement ! Do yourself a favor and read through this whole thread it was very helpful. I retired in October so its all new to me . I have been so structured for the last 27 1/2 years at my job and then suddenly you have no where to go and nobody you have to see. It’s getting better as more time passes and I get use to it more. It can be a little challenging at times . This thread is a great read . Good Luck