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  1. Now now
  2. Thanks man May you soar with Eagles Or may your Eagles soar ....whichever’s you prefer
  3. I looked, couldn’t find an edit
  4. So ,I was thinking about this after you posted , If we had a lot of entries then I think I would limit it to one entry , but as we are trying to get as many entries as possible to make it interesting $$$$. , maybe we should allow two entries . I did last year and it didn’t cause a problem. Some people have a second entry for a relative or a friend . I think last year only two people had two entries. that was just my thought process, I am open to whatever everyone wants
  5. Btw... I am sure you all realized I screwed the pooch with calling this a Suicide pool ! This is a SURVIVOR pool
  6. No buy backs
  7. We don’t get this very often, just enjoy the ride wherever it ends up.
  8. I figured that Charlie
  9. That was a Fubar. I have to stop drinking before noon
  10. Not sure if you guys are running your own Football Suicide Pool here in the Tavern or not , but if you don’t or you want to get into another one, I am running one over in the Sports Forum. Entry will be $20 Thanks
  11. I got into a fantasy league for one season like 25 years ago but I didn’t love it . Not sure if it was because I was working so much OT that I didn’t have enough time to give it. I was constantly missing deadlines for picking up players and releasing them if memory serves me.
  12. Hey Fishless, I am alittle worried about you ! Should I post a number for Gamblers anonymous here with the pool. Lol
  13. Not sure , I don’t go in the Tavern much. Ok, maybe I just keep it here.
  14. What a game last night, walk it off again! LGM !
  15. Ok . I think we had like 15 entries last year .