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  1. If you want to venture further east, they were catching a lot of bluefish the last couple of days in the Shinnecock Inlet off the rocks. Good luck
  2. Thanks Vinny and hope you have a good season as well
  3. I remember watching this fight and thinking that Taylor’s corner should have had Taylor stay away from Chavez the last round and they unanimously win that fight,
  4. I just watched 1&2 also, I liked it alot. This just reinforced and reminded me that MJ was the best I ever seen .
  5. Thanks for the tip. I know it’s difficult by looking at the cap in a picture but I am thinking it’s a #3 Philips needed which of course I don’t posses . I am bringing a small pliers as well. I am bringing some hot water in my yeti coffee mug also to pour over the cap to loosen it as well. I think when it’s on my trailer on land, I will have leverage to get it off. My boat is docked a few hours from where I live so I haven’t been there in almost a week, leaving tomorrow and weather permitting I am going to pull her. I will post how it turns out, I am sure you guys will be sitting on the edge of your seats in anticipation of the outcome . Lol all kidding aside....thanks for all the input!
  6. Just curious, did you have a leak ? Sounds like you didn’t
  7. Yes sir ,plus new battery I Haven’t has the opportunity/weather to pull the boat to check/add fluid. Weather in Northeast not looking great this week either
  8. Let’s use Zion Williamson as an example, IMHO If he went to the G league instead of Duke he wouldn’t have been must see tv and the phenomenon he was when he entered the draft or came into the league. I am not saying he would not have been a star but I don’t think not nearly to the degree or magnitude that he was. Me personally, I love college hoops and can’t stand to watch the NBA anymore except for some final games, so I want all the good HS players to go to college. NCAA tournament for me is better than all professional sports finals, Super Bowl is a close second. I don’t know the answer really either, I hate the one and done also. At least there’s a choice for the player I guess. PS I got so paranoid that I had to go back an edit a grammatical error. tough crowd
  9. Are you having a bad day ?
  10. On one hand they can get paid for that one season in G league but the national exposure they get in that one year in College could pay huge dividends.
  11. Update, so I tried checking the fluid/adding at the dock under less than ideal conditions(wind) ,and was not able to get the cap off without stripping it. I had an oil can with a nice flexible hose on it that I think would have done the job if I got that Freaking cap off. With my mechanical skill level , I would have definitely stripped the ***** out of it or if I did manage to get it off , I would have surely dropped it in the drink. I am better off just hauling the boat and doing this at the ramp . Hopefully low fluid w/o a leak is the issue ,and I put her back in and go on my Merry way. here is my culprit : BTW ...this is the pre attempt picture before a few attempts at it. The plastic looks less than prestine now !!!!
  12. I really think it is low on fluid.
  13. Yeah, I bought a new battery today at Napa because of exactly what you said. Believe it or not the guy at Napa told me the battery was from 2013, I bought the boat used two years ago and I thought the previous owner told me it was 2 or 3 years old. That’s pretty damn good life from a battery . The guy at Napa told me it was still good but probably still a good idea to get a new one . Weather permitting, I am going to check the trim fluid reservoir tomorrow and go from there. I agree about possibly being a short term fix due to a potential leak, however, the boat is a 2003 and who knows if the fluid was ever added by the two previous owners. We will see, I will let you guys know. Thanks
  14. I took the battery to Napa today and it was fine . What engine do you have
  15. It does have a manual tilt latch. If I observe the reservoir to be low can I just fill it?