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  1. We live in one. It is great. I would recommend buying in a relatively new community, otherwise the population's typical age may not be right for you. If you are over 65 you may want a 5 year old community.
  2. I think a higher power says they cannot prevent it.
  3. Mini Marathon Monday starting 8PM on TCM
  4. You cannot know unless you have had similar stuff. I have an extremely rare (12,000 cases worldwide) form of muscular dystrophy.. Last day fishing in 2008, wheelchair 2011. More afraid of living than dying. Probably better if brain goes first, then you don't care if you crap yourself...
  5. I have never owned either. But today has only one meaning.
  6. Never Forget - when you buy your next car.
  7. I thought it was just me feeling that way. Voted twice for the old man, zero for the son..
  9. Had them in the basement of previous house. Kids called them "High Hopping Hoomdorms:
  10. Internal defects and inclusions in the glass[edit] Nickel sulfide inclusions ("stones") can be present in the glass. The most common cause of these inclusions is the use of stainless-steel machinery in the glassmaking and handling process. Small shavings of stainless steel containing nickel change structure over time and grow, creating internal stresses in the glass. When these stresses exceed the strength of the glass, breakage results. This type of breakage is almost always found in tempered glass and is indicated by a distinctive "figure eight" pattern, with each "loop" of the figure eight approx. 30mm in diameter.
  11. Drinking coffee at the table with son-in-law. Hear something like rain, and look over to see glass in front of 10 year old oven door fall out in tiny beads. Not been used in several days. Glad I had a witness or I would have been screwed when wife got home.
  12. The secret fishing in Tuckerton was to bring young people with you. Given a choice of dried up old guy or young blood, they really favor fresh meat.
  13. When I was a kid (60 yrs ago) standing on the corner watching, a drunk plowed into a parked car which in turn ran over a kid. It was the drunks kid! Talk about karma. I kinda remember the kid getting busted up a bit, but otherwise OK.
  14. It is intuitive. you either have it or you don't. Get bearing buddies !!!!!!!!!!!!! Make sure you use enough tongue weight or it will swing back and forth.and possibly force the tow vehicle off the road. Lock the hitch on to the ball, so no matter the road conditions it remains secure. Always carry a spare. 30yrs experience up to 6,000+ lbs rolling weight.