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  1. You are much more patient than i am. If that happened to me on consecutive trips with a 400$ + rod,i would have snapped it over my knee, taken my reel off and chucked it in the water. You should contact them directly. I always ask when buying any decent rod, wether at a store or a builder,hows the customer service?? This way you know who to deal with if it fails just in case. These new super lite graphite rods are very delicate. If they give you the run around at that price point, well....
  2. This story is going to go on till the 4th of july.
  3. Saw the add in the sunday paper and figured it was a typo. Anyone go to the store??
  4. White perch
  5. I used to do a bunch of wire line trolling with friends years back. We caught some really nice fish at times. I stopped trolling with them (still fish tides on the beach with them ) because trolling with wire just wasnt for me. Even with large bass, half the time you couldnt tell wether you were cranking in a nice fish or a 5 gallon bucket. Just like fishing with lures, chunking or fishing with live bait it does require a different skill set to produce consistently. Some are better than others. Boat speed, structure and presentation all come into play. Unless you are very lucky, you cant just run out and put the lines in the water and start trolling and expect to catch a "50".
  6. They are slamming the white perch and sea pout on clamrella rigs and sturgeon chunks out east.
  7. No fish anywhere near Jones Inlet. Ever. Try someplace else.
  8. Someone has to jump on this. Great deal. Wish i had the extra coin. Good luck.
  9. Suspends Brady for the season.
  10. CVS on lawn guyland sell beer. No reels though.
  11. Youd better send them to me so i can examine them more closely under microscope. That way i can look for serial #'s and other telltale signs. I'll contact the dept. Of weights and measures and check patent numbers. May take a while but we'll get to the bottom of this.
  12. Not sure about peconic, but the old guys i know fish more in the west end bays of the south shore. Usually gorging themselves on grass shrimp early then squid and whatever else swims in after.
  13. The commercial rod and reelers have been getting fluke in the bay for at least a month.
  14. The skittles hound beat Zimmermann and he defended himself. Then skittle face died. Good shoot. Maybe if he wasnt all hopped up on pot and sugary sweets he could have controlled himself better and would still be breathing.
  15. Agreed. I thought i was the only one who thought that. Downhill since then.