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  1. Looks like good excercise. Do you switch righty lefty at all? Too many potholes here for me to ever do that.


    It's a different workout from the norm. As far as switching righty lefty my routine I start off right (strong side) until I am going at a good pace. Then I alternate strong/weak side paddle stroke when I get tired. But usually 10 weak side paddle switch to 10 strong side or every mile I will switch.


    Don't have pot holes I just dodge road debris, cars, cyclist, hikers, horse poop and unleashed dogs :mad:.

  2. Land paddling sesh on the trails today.

    16.65 miles in 2:10:45

    Fastest mile 5:13

    Slowest 10:27

    Avg Speed 7.87 mph

    Max Speed 17.50 mph

    Total miles 123.6


    Still ranked 5th & 13th place in my challenges...


    Anybody have a sm/med solid kong ball they wanna part with? Mine is almost gone......


  3. 70° 6 MPH wind from the NNE land paddled 16.60 miles in 2:01:29.

    Avg Speed 8.20 mph

    Max Speed 22.19 mph

    Fastest mile 4:40

    Total Miles for 2015 107.2 miles

    Currently in 5th & 13th place in my endomondo challenges.......


    Tried to race a horse and lost but at least I paddled by a kid on a bike up hill!