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  1. I had a cataract in my left eye since I was 17/18 yrs old. So what do I win?
  2. I used Chantix it’s been 8 yrs now. Sometimes when I am stressed or pissed off I count until the urge goes away.
  3. Merry New Year!
  4. HAPPY NEVADA DAY!!! Now send me a plug!
  5. Did a 22 mile land paddle sesh on the trails this morning. So far 257 miles for 2015.
  6. From the album Avatars

    Stupid Fresh.jpeg
  7. South Park
  8. Tossed
  9. Tripping
  10. NJ
  11. Electric chair
  12. It's a different workout from the norm. As far as switching righty lefty my routine I start off right (strong side) until I am going at a good pace. Then I alternate strong/weak side paddle stroke when I get tired. But usually 10 weak side paddle switch to 10 strong side or every mile I will switch. Don't have pot holes I just dodge road debris, cars, cyclist, hikers, horse poop and unleashed dogs .