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  1. I had a cataract in my left eye since I was 17/18 yrs old. So what do I win?
  2. I used Chantix it’s been 8 yrs now. Sometimes when I am stressed or pissed off I count until the urge goes away.
  3. Merry New Year!
  4. HAPPY NEVADA DAY!!! Now send me a plug!
  5. Did a 22 mile land paddle sesh on the trails this morning. So far 257 miles for 2015.
  6. South Park
  7. Tossed
  8. Tripping
  9. NJ
  10. Electric chair
  11. It's a different workout from the norm. As far as switching righty lefty my routine I start off right (strong side) until I am going at a good pace. Then I alternate strong/weak side paddle stroke when I get tired. But usually 10 weak side paddle switch to 10 strong side or every mile I will switch. Don't have pot holes I just dodge road debris, cars, cyclist, hikers, horse poop and unleashed dogs .
  12. I tried it twice but don't own one.