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  1. thankyou all for your replies.sounds as if this reel is a winner.i bet penn would love to use this thread next time they want to promote his reel.there was a report of some stripers of the beach yesterday,so i will be fishing this reel this morning. thanks again,dennis
  2. you must be alluding to the bin laden-hussein survey.you know, the one where terroist were asked where they would feel most welcome should they decide to move to the united states.i am surprised that your city did not tie with los angles.it must have been a tough choice since the whole state of california is the cradle of anti-americanism in this part of the hemisphere.tony bennett has a new song due out any day now "you broke my heart san francisco"
  3. just saw the father son act being interviewed on tv. they said they had stopped by a tee-shirt outlet in the mall that prints shirts on the spot.they both had tee shirts printed up with anti war slogans on both sides, they put them on and then proceded to the food court where they were aproached by a security guard who asked them to remove the shirts or leave. the son removed his but the father refused.the police were called and he was arrested. they were both asked if they were aware of the signs posted that warned against the wearing of what the mall deemed to be disruptive apparel,they said yes. they were asked if they were aware of a simular problem at the mall a week before, and they said yes.the mall contends they were asked to leave private property after they refused to stop disrupting other shoppers.there is no question that these two clowns decided tothe mall, cause a scene,disrupt someones buisness and harass others in order to get their anti war point across. now they want to cry 1st ammendment rights for themselves and the hell with everybodys elses rights.
  4. it would great if we could just find out whose actually raising half these kids today,never mind their be taught the pledge at home.
  5. i dont have a problem with the require part,tho i doubt you could find a school in the country that would punish a pupil that remained in their seat during the pledge or the playing of our national anthem.what i take dont like is the fact that the majority of tax payers whose money funds the goverment would like the option for their children to remain open.
  6. i dont think this is a case of anyone being forced to to say the pledge,but rather it is another case of the minority dictating to the majority.if it makes someone feel better not to recite the pledge,so be it.why should my option to take the pledge or not be taken away?
  7. a simple way to unveil this misfit and expose her for the clown she is would be to make her an offer. the offer would consist of a one way plane ticket to the country of her choosing and seed money to start her new life in the utopian society of her dreams.in return all she would have to do is relinquish her american citizenship forever.i can see her polluted convictions swirling down the toilet bowl as she responds "oh i wouldnt want to do thaaaaaat!" this jellyfish has taken to many elbows to the head.
  8. war is an ugly thing,but not the ugliest of things.the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth fighting for is much worse.he person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight,nothing more important than his own personal safety,is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made so and kept so by the exertions of better men then himself. john mill
  9. the perilous sea:salt drenched tales of true adventure on the high seas from the pages of yankee magazine. edited by clarissa m. silith
  10. isaac`s storm:a man,a time,and the deadliest hurricane in history. author erik larson stove by a whalewen chase and the essex the ship and the storm author jim carrier the demon in the freezer author richard preston
  11. i recently purchased a penn 990 mag from a neighbor, he has never used it so could offer little advice.if anyone on the board has experience with this reel it would sure help to hear about any pros and cons.any ideas for a good rod match up would help.i live in the va.beach area and fish the surf from the bay and ocean.thanks in advance dennis
  12. I have found the fast retrive of the spinner can come in mighty handy when casting back to hot spot from a boat traveling in a fast current.
  14. DaveC I agree they are a first class outfitt. Same deal as LL Bean
  15. Hey guys/girls, Just got back in from off shore. Caught some nice fish. Little rough water, but it was a great day. Sunny, beam sea, overall no promblem. Take care, Dennis
  16. Hey board members As I type I am watching the gulls working. I'ts about time. Good sign, I see a long slick on the bay. Bait fish are back. Water temp. 43. Take Care. Dennis
  17. Hey everyone, I just recently came across this board,and it sure looks to be a imformative site. I have seen several posts made by some familar names such as "thill",who I believe to be a good resource for fishing bass assassin lures for big stripers. Anyway I live in Va. Beach and fish the surf,bay and ocean year round. I look forward to learning from your board. Take care Dennis
  18. Hello Andy, I can not answer any questions about bait fish. I am a new guy to.Welcome aboard !! Take care Dennis
  19. Hey everyone, Sorry but I was interrupted. On refletion I take back my post. There was no harm intended. Take care Dennis
  20. Hey Tim, Its about time. The Bay has been cold. The good news is something is happening out here in little va. Take Care Dennis
  21. Thanks all for the kind welcome! If anyone on this board would like to catch fish the way our ancestors did let me know!!