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  1. hilarious
  2. The bays, rivers, and inlets are closed. You know perch aren’t going to hit a mag darter so don’t start. Get your saltwater registry. Post only the county you caught fish from and share any info and photos that will help others and not give that away. Happy New Year everyone!
  3. Funny part is I read this at 5:30 AM with the elbows of a four year old digging into my side. Picked up a couple of fish and had a few misses around sunrise. Happy New Year
  4. I think a lot of people get too caught up into the end result of a trip and probably never take time to take in the sights, sounds, and smells. As someone in my early 40’s who grew up fishing along the coast I can agree on your point of this lack luster season for most of everyone in my circle. Has it been better than latey? Yeah, you came in late in the game. Has it been worse? I remember seeing the picture of a striped bass on signs around inlets and tackle shops and wondered what they looked like in person. Hope your (and all of our) 2019 is a lot better.
  5. Hope you get good news.
  6. Unfortunately, a friend reported someone he worked with on a boat limiting out EIGHT miles off of Absecon Inlet on Sunday. There were 10 other boats out there and many were not private boats. All keeping fish in the 20 pound class feeding on bunker. Heard the same thing a week before that from the boats down there...that was close to 10 miles off. Again, these are charters taking clients out that far and taking fish.
  7. Should be after this moon...
  8. I haven't seen a fox in forever and saw a picture of it in a front end loader so...
  9. My neighbor had 52 degrees on the boat yesterday and a friend sent me a picture today of a lit up graph with 46.1 degrees on the screen. It's going to vary this time of year but....
  10. You’re wife is going to go nuts if she catches wind of this outing.
  11. I've caught freshwater fish in there while people next to me were crabbing. Mullet get pretty active in there so possibly corncobs breaking water. Brackish water always interests me and we have a number of spots in the general area where you can be fighting a pickerel and have a blueclaw go after it.
  12. Can't complain about that. Nice
  13. My friend was...covered in towels. Flies were there.
  14. Did a photo shoot in the park yesterday evening and didn’t even notice water was running over my feet. Definitely mid 70’s or up.
  15. Ever try facing the land and shooting line on your back cast?