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  1. I fished out of a paddle Perception for years and years and recently found a 2009 Outback with Thule Hullavator listed on FB Marketplace for $1300. Kayak was in the water under a dozen times and came with some extras. I would go used with that budget as the new ones are pretty pricey. I am sure others will chime in but just my two cents.
  2. For the last 9 years I have been fishing less and less...I also have a 7 and 4 year old. A very early post in this thread made a good remark about how you have to think about why you started fishing in the first place. Catching is great but if you leave a spot and never took time to breathe in the air and take in the sights you missed out.
  3. Congratulation. Good fish man....
  4. awesome job as always
  5. Wish you all the best!
  6. The surfster lip would probably limit the plug to a narrow range of conditions where it shined. I would think the lefty lip would work well but the added surface of a small pikie lip might help the tail out a lot. As mentioned, when I start messing with a prototype I will drill holes for it to be single hook, two belly hook, and even place an extra hole for weight in areas I was curious about. Take a bunch of hardware to water and start seeing what happens. Plug looks awesome by the way.
  7. The Prairie Dog. I once took my fishing buddy there when I lived in Manasquan. He has eaten a pizza wrapped around a cheese steak before...he didn't finish all his food.
  8. I use Devcon 2 Ton for tails. I have a flexcoat rod spinner that I altered into a fly spinner so the epoxy spins around in a circle around the shank until it sets. You will get a nice even application that is very durable. I have also used simple UV cure type stuff as well...good luck
  9. Could not find anything in the search so asking here. I want to buy a new high quality 8” bit and can’t find the site I used last time online. Any advice would be appreciated as I don’t have a good local source.
  10. Surprised you didn't through drill before it was all sanded down. Did you do it by hand or just a lathe chuck to line up the ends. Awesome job on the step by step.
  11. There are tips and tricks learned through fly tying and plug building that stand out in ones mind. The first plug I through drilled using a lathe chuck was one of those happy times.
  12. I did an order last week and had it three days later....was crazy!
  13. Two days in the 60’s in NJ put on a hard thaw. East winds pushing a little open water. Nikon D750 85mm f2.2 1/3200 100
  14. A few recent clicks...
  15. Banged out three last night...