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  6. Got enough thread, thanks for all the help...
  7. I need one 4oz spool if you have or four 1oz spools or twenty 100 yards spools but I'll take what I can get.. PM sent
  8. I'm still looking for some Godebrod Trimar 001g black and gold thread... will pay top dollar for it..... novomarine at
  9. I need some Trimar 0001g black and gold, to finish my new rods... please let me know what do you have... thanks...
  10. I need some trimar 0001g to finish my new rods, please let me know what you have.. thanks...
  11. I just saw this post, Jason caught this 208 lb fish on his old boat, the DreamCatcher, a 14' Starcraft aluminum, he has since upgraded his boat to the DreamCatcher II, a 16' Starcraft aluminum... and he caught a 320 lb sword on his new ride.... Here is the report: Well after being awake for 36 straight hours a good night sleep is priceless. Now let's get started here. Well with a nice weather window after an entire of winter without swordfishing and a new boat waiting for some sword blood, a gave my friend Rudy (who had never been swordfishing) a call and told him we were headed out to pop his cherry. We put the boat in around 6pm. I rouned up a motley crew of live baits that consisted of grunts, a lizard fish, and a giant sand perch (could not find any runners) and we headed out to the grounds in a 2-3 chop. We put the spread out at about 9pm and started the waiting game. At about 11pm we were tight on a good fish. After about a 40 min fight we were at the light and could see we had about an 80-90 lb sword. We work her to the boat and about a foot out of gaff range the hook pulls out. I made a quick attempt to free gaff it but came up just short. Heartbroken we had to watch his first swordfish swim away. But it wasn't meant to be. Had we put that fish in the boat, we would have been on our way home with just and average sword. It was now almost midnight and I decided to run back south far enough to but us over than same area at moonrise. It paid off big. I had just finished doing a bait check and was sending the red devil back out. It was only out about 150' when line started to rip through my hands. I nailed the drag up and line started to peel of that tiagra 30. The other lines were cleared and the fight began. The first 30 mins were nothing but dragging the boat and losing line. The next 30 mins were the tug of war phase up and down. We went back and forth fighting this fish. Somewhere along the fight we even named her Sally. Not sure how that came up but we did name her. All good fish should have a name. Rudy was put back into the hot set as I prepared the boat for her arrival. I realesed the live baits (this comes into play later) and drained the livewell to lighten up the back of the boat. She comes into view and we finally got to see big Sally. I look down over the side again and her boyfriend was with her (about 225lbs) and he lit up when he saw the live baits that I had just thrown over. He ran up to the surface and smashed a bait with his bill. So hear I am bringing Sally into gaff range while trying to watch this other swordfish going nuts around the boat. It was incredible to watch, but we wanted no part of another big fish. We hit Sally with both gaffs and work her towards the back. Thankfully she was well spent and put up no fight. (The 208lb fish out of the 14' boat was not happy after being hit with the gaff and I didn't want another episode like that with a much larger fish). We get her in position and slide her through the back. Hi fives and a cold beverage were in order, Sally was boated. The ride back Haulover was a proud one. We then went running around that morning trying to find and scale to get her weight. I will save you that entire story (a big thumbs up to Carl's bait and tackle for your efforts and a thumbs down to one of the employees at Lauderdale Marina), but the short of it was we ended up having to way the fillets in pieces. Pieced together weight was about 334 lbs and the weight calculator was 326 lbs. Her LJF length was 89.5" and overall was 129.5"
  12. Thanks guys..... that was a nice fish....