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  1. Looking for a used, reliable outboard to throw on the back of a Carolina skiff. thanks!
  2. Bald, The Viking Starship has reclining seats in the main cabin plus more than enough bunks down below. The sleeping accommodations are just fine. I'm more worried about not being able to shower for 5 days!! You can look at the Viking site to see the layout of the boat. Mark
  3. sorry guys, maybe I should pull this down. My intention was to offer a trip that is usually a lot of fun and usually catches a lot of fish, some big! Never know what you will catch from 600-900' of water. Anyway, if we can't stay on track, I will rescind it. My post is on 3 other sites and nothing like this has transpired. Ask Brian (blacklabnh) about this trip. He has been coming for years. I guess it might also be the huge buffet we put out on the first day... tight lines guys, Mark
  4. Keep in mind this is a 5 day trip and there are 3-4 mates. Now do the math on how much they make per day, working from 5am to well in the dark. My intention to initially post was to offer someone a shot who has wanted to go on trip like this and potentially catch a fish of a lifetime.
  5. It is built into the agreement I have with the Viking. More and more, they are making it a policy, particularly on multi-day trips. I have been doing these trips a long time and always talk to the crew / mates / capt. You will not believe how many guys will just walk off the boat at the end of a trip and not tip. I think this is a fair arrangement.
  6. Guys, I have two open spots on my private charter June 24-28 on the Viking Starship. On the menu is a few days out in the deep targeting tile, then one day off Nantucket for doormat fluke then another day up on the banks looking for cod and hopefully halibut. It really is a Capt choice trip, meaning weather will dictate what we target and when. Usually the end of June has some really stable weather.Cost is $800 with a 20% gratuity which, rounded, brings it to $950. I have been doing these charters for many years and usually have the same core group of guys. Unfortunately life happens and two guys had to back out. We still have a great group of guys coming. This trip is limited to 25 people. Send me a message if you are interested in having fun, fishing with a great crew and deep dropping! thanks, Mark
  7. I assume off a three-way swivel? Thanks Dave!
  8. Dave, Any consensus on what rigs were used for the big fluke? thanks! Mark
  9. Dave, You made the best with the conditions you had. Steve will always try to put fish in the boat. Imagine if you had great conditions all three days! You would have sunk the boat! Looks like you needed the 3 lb sinkers. Good to see the fish are there. Can't wait for our trip in a few weeks! Mark
  10. Billy, Thanks for putting this together. It was a great evening with tons of really good info. I loved the detailed insight both Jeff and Dave brought to the table as well as Steve's background on the fishery. I hope one of the guys that was in attendance now goes out and catches the next record! Great idea! thanks again, Mark
  11. Billy, Great idea! Would love to attend but have a previous engagement. If this happens again, I'll be there. Mark
  12. Trip is full. Thanks for looking!
  13. Guys, I just had a cancellation on my Viking Starship tile fish charter. Dates are Sun June 24th to Weds June 27th. Cost is $600. I would love to be able to get this person a full refund. Since this is a private charter, there are no refunds unless I can fill the spot. We are only taking 24 people so there will be plenty of room on the Cadillac of Montauk. I am sure I do not have to remind everyone how exciting these trips are! You never know what you might catch, including the next world record! I have this posted on other sites as well as this one. Plenty of members from this site on this charter. First person to pm me will have the spot. Thanks! Mark