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  1. Thanks TDog if you run across the other one email me titusG@attbi.com and Thanks again.
  2. Thanks, those are some good ideas. Hope things are well with you. The new boat is great, but I'll be fishing with my non swimming brother-in Law, hence the surf casting. Tight lines to ya.........................
  3. Planning a week with my brother-in law and I'd like to find a reliable surf fishing guide to teach and caught fish. Anyone know a good guide in the Virginia Beach/Virginia area please help. Time is short looking for 1st week in June and Thanks!
  4. Still available
  5. I have a White FnD I purchased in February. Used it several months. It's in excellent shape. The boat has two flush mounted rod holders, a compass, the motor mount and a low back seat. Asking $750 or best offer. Willing to discuss delivery/pickup.
  6. Cobra FnD for sale see the forum for details.
  7. Nice Fish, and a first of many, I'm sure. You and that fly rod are starting to worry those fish, at least they should be. Deceiver, hand tied ,look likes it worked. Great job Darrel. Now I'll be needing.............
  8. Striper, did you say Stripers in the inlet? I need one of those for the record. Make a plan. BTW, nice recovery.
  9. I'm using a DX200 and haven't encountered any issue in 8 months. My question is how have you mounted the transducer? I did notice that when mounted at an angle depth reading can be off.
  10. We want it, We want it!!!!
  11. Brought the Fish N Dive as a compromise "room for the wife". After seven months she hasn't been out on the water yet. Good luck..............
  12. Great Post Clff. Just like in my dream. Way to break-in that new Navagitor. Mines still being out fitted. Thanks!
  13. My Rigged fish Ndive will be up for sale. Call me.