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  1. The beauty of the story is the release.
  2. Positive vibes in your direction red
  3. Thumbs up to you for taking care of him.
  5. -Four seasons of love -Off the wall
  6. Needle fish are fun to catch on light tackle, sight fishing and jumping action when caught on lures. But better duck if they dart towards you....
  7. Thank you! Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all!!
  8. Yes I have and it turned out positively, it is a matter of communication, all of them have eaten fish and can only acknowledge and abide with nature's ruling system of predation. And if more so you release they have nothing to say.
  9. He has a great synchronization of lure animation (only reels when the rod is coming down smoothly) and during the fight, the opening of bail is a diversion to confuse the fish, not more, in my opinion the drag could have been much tighter considering the click/rod bend and more so the size of the landed fish. It is an advertisement and they need to put some spice into it.
  10. "Further investigations concluded that he was tying knots while driving,," Beautiful story..
  11. And access to depth, movement of bait fish, wind and change of wind, sun, moon and change of luminosity, clouds, currents and'l never have it perfect, just fish when you can.
  12. Best of luck ksong for developing quality rods and thank you for the beautiful illustrated reports you post.
  13. The fight against rust on gear, especially hooks and split rings is what bugs me the most.
  14. The rods Ksong is promoting are good, I've recommended them to friends that went to Africa and they caught tarpon an shark from shore and are happy with the product, why are you referring to it as "garbage"?
  15. I agree with you, but no risk no glory, and I certainly hope that this wont happen to you...or me