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  1. The concept of FG between braid and mono is based on the rigidity of braid against the body of mono that accepts compression as well as elasticity; the rigid braid digs into the mono through the tight coils and the sum of the frictions of the accumulated crossed coils when tightly assembled eventually block slipping between the two bodies beyond breaking point of each line. If using FG for two lines of the same nature, like braid to braid, you don't have the digging effect so the ligature might still slip below breaking point of each braid. And if using FG with two monos, tight with the needed pressure of coils, the elasticity and compress-ability of each will provide a distorted "bubblegum" result where the thinner mono is severely diminished due to elongation. Best bet for me between two monos is the double uni (5x each) or simply a surgeon's knot (3x). Like the palomar, the surgeon's knot is often underrated due to it's simplicity. Tight lines
  2. Enough said.
  3. I love the intuitive part of angling and definitely enjoy the process without the use of electronics.
  4. In the part of the world the OP is inquiring, as well as many industrialized places in the world, you need to travel far away from urbanized locations, nothing much from shore there, pollution and over fishing makes it difficult to hope for a decent land based spot in the highly populated areas. Then you have the locations which are less urbanized, more on the natural landscape and at some distance from big towns or airports, there you will find beautiful resorts for all budgets, the shoreline may be wonderful and less polluted but the impact of over fishing /dynamiting is still there, so the tourism industry /resorts promote the creation of sanctuaries or natural reserves / artificial reefs to bring back some local indigenous marine life, which attracts snorkelers/divers. Needless to say that in these resorts, fishing from shore is generally frowned upon, when not completely forbidden. They will sometimes propose offshore fishing for pelagic's or bottom jigging but it is unlikely to plant your rod on a sandy beach in the vicinity. This is where artificial ponds loaded with trapped fish of all sorts came in, to satisfy a fishing experience for the picture seeker. So if you want a true chance in catching from shore, you need to go beyond these areas to remote places where only few people live, this entails a heavy expedition with the requirement of camping/supplies/fresh water since far away from any market. It is also a must to be accompanied with locals that have strong ties with the specific productive spot for security and entrance fee purposes. This can be arranged with reliable local tackle shops, but comes at a relatively high price. Once the trip organized you can have a complete blast with memorable catches or skunk as it goes with fishing. If organizing a fishing trip located abroad and depending on the targeted country, I'd recommend using a reputable fishing tour operator, where all is included in the round trip, no surprises there and you can go to the most faraway critical areas that still hold amazing fish from shore in the globe, with proper setup/security and safety provisions. One of the nicest places I've seen for Surfcasting where you can go on your own without assistance is New Zealand; miles of pristine sandy coast suitable for bait or lure casting, you can rent a 4X4 and the horizon is the limit, very friendly people and safe place. Australia is very interesting for the matter too, along with Florida/Bahamas; these are among the few remaining spots blessed with full commodities and productive land based fishing.
  5. Infinite possibilities with this water plan, wade or wait. On this low tide would catch small fish and then use them as live bait on high tide. Otherwise on lures would barge in wading using floating sticks.
  6. Focus on the edge of changes more than the constants. Change of bottom structure / depth Change of tides Change of light Change of wind Etc.... Be as discreet as possible in the line / knots and terminal rigs Try not to over think but feel the process, where when and how, this intuition comes with time spent and is hard to transmit.
  7. There is a very good productive spot where the bait fish always gather, just aside the drop-off on main beach, sunset or rise and you cant go wrong.
  8. In all the rods I have in two or three pieces, it is the bottom section that protrudes into the upper one. In the case of a fishing pole, more density of material is supposed to be in the lower end and gradually diminishes as you go to the top, so the logic would be that the protruding heavier element be part of the bottom section to favor the continuity of the curve from stiffer to more supple. Conceptually, two hollow segments are linked with a third part that is common to both, this common part is bonded to one of the segments with glue hence heavier, so it better be in the lower part than the upper in order to least interrupt the progressive bend.
  9. When conditions are on the heavy side, with bait fish and predators around, this is the time when you can go thick on leader and main line, once the big culprit hooked, you can exert good pressure with drag due to the heavy line, keeping the hooked fish in the rollers is like putting it in a washing machine; this will tire the fish much faster than in calm conditions where the fish can engage in deeper / steady current and make the most of it pulling drag. The releasing as mentioned by coldclam is more delicate, more so when big sharks are in the mix. A good feeling about the waves when they come and go is detrimental, some are naturally gifted in dealing with the wash and others will only learn the pattern by spending time on the water.
  10. In heavy surf, big waves are a plus in landing sized fish.
  11. The issue is way overrated, as if the entire credit to angling is location, not at all. Those who know will keep on catching and finding new spots and those who just lurk will only pickup the crumbs.
  12. What did we do when Hospitals didn't exist? Was it impossible to give birth? What did we do when phones didn't exist? Was it impossible to communicate? What did we do when cars didn't exist? Was it impossible to travel? What is required from a leader is to be more abrasion resistant than the main line, discreet, in situations more rigid, less memory/stretch. A good quality nylon can fit the bill and a good fluorocarbon will definitely perform as well. It is more about the compatibility of diameter vs the main line and terminal rig for targeted size of specie that will dictate my choice in a given situation, based on what is available in my tackle box. If both are available I will opt for Fluoro in spite of the difference in price, since it doesn't compare to what I'm spending in fuel or time to be fishing and at this point I'd rather put all chances on my side.
  13. Sharks can eat at any hour of the day and devour at any minute of the night.
  14. Thank you guys for the kind words/likes The tin in the middle is called ima gun 50g metal jig.