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  1. Lol! Thank you.
  2. No matter what the protocol says on set with a specialist "armorer" handing the gun saying its cold or hot, it is for the least the responsibility of the one pulling the trigger with a real gun pointed at others who should verify for himself what kind of load it has, it takes less than 30 seconds to do so and it can spare lives...more so when you are co-producer and other screwups with guns already happened on this set. He will not be charged but that tragedy will deeply affect the rest of his life. RIP for the victim, she seemed like a decent woman.
  3. The big advantage of braid is the strength it has compared to the same diameter in mono. Braid enables therefor, to pack more line on spool and also to cast further a specific lure weight since using a thinner diameter than nylon with equal braking strength or line test. Mono also has more memory in terms of coils on spool, you see the wavy spring like line out of reel when not under tension. But nylon and fluorocarbon lines (which are both mono filaments) have an advantage over braids in the sense that mono's can be transparent like and have that fluid appearance that blends more with water or organic matter. This is why most braid users weather casing lures or fishing with bait will connect with mono at the end of the rig in contact of the fish. The stiffness of mono also allows for better presentation of multi hooks kept spread away from main branch or sliding weight/swivel or even aligned in front of a lure, acting as a leader better than the slack braid. Braid as main line on spool really enables better casting and more backing, it also allows for a better hookset and more direct contact during the fight, but it requires some focus in keeping constant tension on line while reeling, it also needs a braid friendly reel other wise tangles will come out of spool while casting. There are situations where the elasticity of nylon as main line come as an advantage, like when fishing big trout's with bait in streams with barbless hooks and thin lines, it turns out that the give and take of elastic nylon provides a more consistent contact with the fish compered to braid which is on or off that enables for the fish to turn loose.
  4. Agree with you for enjoying wetting a line anywhere. But standing on the wet sand and casting in an exposed beach front horizon, with that salty wind, rolling white waves, birds, jumping bait fish and the promise of connecting with what ever may come from the deep, provides more intensive sensations than the calm waters of a creek on the back of a bay.
  5. That moment between the strike and the hook set, and then re-positioning the rod, is among the best times of the fight.
  6. You are working a lure and the rod butt is un der your elbow, when the fish strikes the first reflex is to jerk back aggressively in order to set the hook, at that moment, if the fish is ON, it will bend the rod further more and if big it will start pulling drag, that is when you quickly move the rod but between your legs (and family jewels if you are a male) and start pumping back once it stopped taking line on drag. The swift transition is only when you feel the fish is hooked, during which you always keep tension on line with bent rod.
  7. All the facts you mentioned are the reason we should be nice to them. As Barry White said ; Women are God's greatest gift to men.
  8. The meat is edible...greyish white with a good number of distinctive Y shaped fishbones. Depending on where they live/eat, a little muddy off-flavor for my taste, but no doubt that a good cook could make something decent out of it. Setting them free is more worthy than ending up on your plate.
  9. As mentioned repeatedly ; it happens to the best. The topic is a classic and I will repost what I wrote in this forum years ago: That picture the OP posted brings back good memories. A distant cast with a conventional in the right conditions of lure weight-rod-line and wind is a beautiful smooth performance of synchronization and quiet enjoyable when well achieved. I enjoy doing it or seeing it done by others. But the final purpose of our activity is to catch fish, and for practical reasons, like using light lures in the 0.5 Oz range and the positioning of the reel on top of rod which needs balancing with grip, or the use of thumb on non level wind and the fact that a backlash is lurking at the corner of each cast in case of non concentration, made me simply give up, and after collecting the best available conventional reels of the moment, ABU/ Daiwa mag-Penn, I just returned to my original habit with spinning reels, more over with the appearance of braid. Not so long ago I was fishing at the end of a pier, I had three rods with spinning reels, one was for the bait fish, the other was rigged with a live bait fish hoping for the bite, and the third was for casting lures. Comes a new angler/stranger with two casting rods with conventional red Abu reels and rapala type lures. We did the cordial distant greetings as two strangers approaching each other. I said to my self respect to this guy, he must be of some experience since casting with this type of reels. I was also interested in seeing how far he can reach with his reels compared to mine if we used the same lure. 30-40 mins later I check him out to see how he is doing and I see him sitting on the ground with the rod between his legs and line in water while trying to untangle a respectable sized bird nest, if not a condor nest. I looked the other way around to preserve his pride, and felt happy that I had put that kind of reel to retirement and returned to spinners, which never gave me that kind of head ache. Nevertheless, I put my hat up and respect for those who master and are willing to put up with casting conventionnals.
  10. No need for a monocle, just take the post with a grain of salt...
  11. A first choice primed aged piece of meat can definitely be eaten and appreciated without any additives. As well as a beautiful woman with such beautiful skin, gorgeous without make up. But...depending on the mood, we are entitled to some sophistication and tune it up, or spice up. A little salt, onions, butter, wine, rosemary, tarragon or others can bring a new combination of flavors that may boost the taste to a different level than just plain meat. A state of the art sauce, made and mixed with extracted reductions of natural flavors, without adding starch-flower-water, is hard to accomplish. And in French cuisine, the "maître saucier" or sauce master is a key high ranked position in the kitchen team. I like wild mushroom sauce or béarnaise, pepper sauce and so many others when well done. It is not about pre-made catchup or A1. Weather you like it plain or with a sauce, none is better than the other but just different. As much as you can enjoy a solo guitar or piano, you can also appreciate the same partition with a whole orchestra behind. Enjoy your meal!
  12. If you are going to crimp, then use two double sleeves, good for high speed trolling or sharking with bait where discretion is not that much of an issue. The concern with crimping, is that you eventually compress the nylon too much hence making it weaker, or just not enough pressure therefore allowing the line to slide. I prefer a well executed snell nylon on nylon where no metal is involved.